Astro A20 Wireless Headset [Reviewed]

The sound quality is superb and it is next to impossible to face disappointment with this headset. 

Astro A20 wireless is one of the best and most decent wireless gaming headphones. They are easy to use with good battery life. The ISB transmitter helps provide a low-latency wireless connection while gaming, lying on a console, or playing on a PC. Astro is undoubtedly a fascinating device with lots of amazing features and promises. Like most Xbox wireless headphones, it also has defects. But it still has decent buyers for more of the games.

Amazing Features of Astro A20 Wireless Headset

Below are some of the most amazing and exciting features of the Astro A20 Wireless Headset.


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Extended wireless range

The headphones come with an extended wireless range of up to 15m (equal to 50ft) through 2.4GHz wireless signals. The console explicitly supports USB transmitters for easy cross-platform compatibility.

You can also add an extra USB transmitter to play for your PlayStation 5 and all the series of Xbox. There is an expanded console compatibility, which means you never have to switch off the headset again.

The gaming headset comes with a stand

The gaming headset comes with a stand or a perfectly set holder to clean up your desk while you display your gear with full pride. There is also a foldable flat fold-out design if it is flattened to carry anywhere.

Audio balancing

The audio balancing helps the device between the voice chats and game audio. The playstation5 and PlayStation 4. It also supports PCs.


The headset comes with a built-in battery that helps in providing up to 15 hours of battery life that can also be recharged when you want to. There is a USB-c port so you can quickly restore your headset and enjoy your gaming.

Product resource

With the help of ASTRO Gaming, it also provides you with all the valuable information and tools for our products. Moreover, you can browse the sections covering all the different resource levels, Such as a quick start guide and all the set-up videos for ASTRO Gaming products.

No wires mean no boundaries

Your headset A20 wireless is designed in such a way as to give you freedom on various levels. The 2.4 GHz signal helps in providing an extended wireless range. Moreover, the headsets are long-lasting comfort, and also the battery life allows you to play games during the marathon sessions.

Flip to mute microphones

The headset has the fantastic feature of a flip-to-mute microphone, so it can be a uni-directional microphone that also delivers clear and accurate communication with easy-mute functionality.


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Specs of Astro A20 Wireless Headset

  • The battery type is rechargeable and gets charged in 3-5 hours.
  • The battery is a lithium polymer.
  • The ear coupling over the ear.
  • The transducer principle is dynamic.
  • The battery weight is 17g.
  • There is a battery save automatic mode.

How good are these A20 wireless headsets?

Astro A20 Wireless headsets are the best and most famous gaming headsets amongst gamers. With many of the best features, it is impossible to face disappointment with this headset. The sound quality is superb.

Product Overview

The Astro A20 Wireless has an excellent noise-canceling capability (though not as phenomenal as the Polk Audio Buckle). There is a voice and a game audio button for pushing the balance to one or the other. The box includes an A20 wireless headset and an A20 USB transmitter. There is also a 1.5m USB -A to USB-C cable. The dimensions of this product are 3.43 x 10.31 x 4.63 inches. The weight of this product is 11.22 ounces. The wireless headset has a special design that helps enjoy audio freedom on various levels.


  • The headset is impressive.
  • The product is excellent in manufacturing.
  • The sound is perfect and easy to use.
  • The headset is solid for gaming.
  • Worth every penny.
  • Comfortable to use.


  •  The product is oversize.


Astro A20 is accessible and comes with quick-mute functionality. Different equalizer settings are chosen by switching between the three additional EQ presets. There is high stability engineered to provide excellent stability on all flat surfaces.


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