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Baylen Levine’s New Balance Shoes Model & Details

Baylen Levine’s affinity for footwear is a bit of a mystery. In the past, it’s been rumored that he wears two different New Balance shoes each day: one for work and one for play. While this may be true (and we won’t throw stones at someone who does), there are some clues from his Instagram feed that give us the idea that the reality is a lot different than the myth. So let’s take a look at what New Balance shoes Baylen Levine wears!

Who is Baylen Levine?

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Baylen Levine is a 21-year-old internet sensation from Jacksonville, Florida, USA. He is best known for his pranks (which are hilarious) and his humor. His youtube channel has amassed over 3.6 million subscribers since he started it in 2017.

Baylen also has a huge following on Instagram where he regularly posts memes and jokes about his life.

Baylen is famous for being an incredibly funny and entertaining person, with a personality that always seems to be smiling or laughing. He’s also known as the lead actor in the TV series “Benitez”.

In addition to acting and pranks, Baylen is also an accomplished singer, having released several singles–like VILLY and Lil Peej True Colors–on Spotify and Deezer.

What shoes does Baylen Levine wear?

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Baylen Levine is a man who knows his shoes. He is fond of New Balance shoes and for good reasons. He started wearing them when he was in high school, and since then, he’s never strayed from his favorite pair.

His New Balance shoes have been with him for years, and no matter what he’s doing, you can’t help but notice them.

In almost every outing he is seen wearing the same pair of New Balance shoes. He also said that New Balance shoes are for life, so it’s safe to say they’re not just for a season. He has even said himself that he purchases a new pair of New Balance shoes every year.

When asked about why he likes this particular shoe brand, Baylen said: “I like the comfort and support of the shoe.” He added: “It feels like your feet are being hugged by a pair of warm socks.”

Here’s what Baylen Levine has to say about his vote for New Balance as his No.1 favorite shoes:

“I’m a New Balance kind of guy.

I’ve been wearing New Balance shoes since I was in high school, and I haven’t looked back. They’re comfortable, they look good, and they last for years—and that’s not even counting all of the other benefits that come along with buying New Balance shoes!

One of my favorite things about New Balance shoes is how versatile they are: you can wear them to work or to school, you can wear them on weekends, you can wear them when you’re going out with friends or family… And best of all? They’re made to last forever!

That’s why buying new pairs every year is just an extension of my lifelong love affair with New Balance shoes.

I also love the fact that they help me stand out in any crowd—even if it’s just by giving me an extra inch or two of height.”

What New Balance shoes does Baylen Levine wear?

Baylen Levine loves to wear New Balance shoes. He wears the New Balance 990v5 Core in grey with a castlerock. The shoes are priced around $185, which is a little on the expensive side, but “you’re paying for quality”, says Levine.


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The New Balance 990v5 Core Shoes are crafted with premium suede and breathable mesh for a comfortable fit that lets your feet breathe all day long. And don’t worry—your funky style is preserved thanks to the Ortholite® insert, which keeps your feet feeling like they’re floating on air.

These clean-cut, contemporary silhouettes look as good as they feel—and they’ll look even better once you slip them on. They’re made with supportive midsole cushioning that’s designed to cushion your ankles so you can run at peak performance, and they also include durable polyurethane rims so you can run in comfort all day long.


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Why Baylen Levine wears New Balance shoes?

Baylen Levine is a shoe lover. He’s been wearing New Balance shoes for years, and he knows that they’re not just about comfort and style—they’re also about performance.

That’s why Baylen can’t wear anything else: he wants the best shoe in the world, and that’s what New Balance delivers.

Here’s why Baylen Levine wears New Balance shoes:

1). They’re crafted with premium suede and breathable mesh, which means they’re super soft on the skin and keep Levine’s feet comfortable all day long while still keeping him looking stylish.

2). The insert is made of soft fabric that provides additional support where it’s needed most—the ankles—and makes sure his foot is in a good position for walking around all day long.

3). Clean, contemporary silhouettes make these shoes look great at any event or just hanging out at home with friends watching Netflix.

4). The supportive midsole cushioning helps protect Levine’s ankles during exercise or just walking around town, while the dual-density collar foam provides extra support in case of an unexpected landing on something hard.

5). Durable polyurethane rims deliver all-day support so that Baylen doesn’t have to worry about whether or not he has the right footwear.

New Balance Shoes

In the end, we must ask: what kind of shoes does Baylen Levine wear? The New Balance 990v5 Core is the answer, and you can bet that Baylen Levine wears them when he’s running errands around town, hanging out with his friends, or working out at the gym.

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