Insanely Cool Inspector Gadget Costume Designs That’ll Please Nerds

These costumes are so fun, you'll be ready to fight Dr. Claw by the end of this blog post.

Who doesn’t love Inspector Gadget? He’s the epitome of a hero, with his shock-absorber boots and cape that doubles as a parachute. However, with all the different styles of clothing out there, which are the best Inspector Gadget costumes?

An Inspector Gadget costume is the first step of a fun experience. And has got to be something you are pleased with. You’ll want to look fabulous so people stare at you in awe. A costume shouldn’t make you sweat or feel uncomfortable. It simply should be comfortable and enjoyable to wear.

So here’s our guide to the best Inspector Gadget costumes that you can buy online.

Choosing The Best Inspector Gadget Costumes

Inspector Gadget is one of the most popular characters in Hollywood. Not only is he a super-powered detective, but he’s also a fashion icon—and with good reason.


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Celebrities have been seen sporting Inspector Gadget costumes at various events and holidays over the years, including Halloween and Comic Con.

Derek Klena, American actor and singer, when asked what his favorite Halloween costume would be, he replied that it would probably be Inspector Gadget.

“I remember wearing that costume in second grade. My mom spent a ton of time glue-gunning little plastic toys onto my trench coat. And I had all sorts of little trinkets with me—it was epic!”

When Meghan Markle has crowned the Duchess of Sussex, she made headlines across the globe.

And while she may not have been the first person to wear a breezy Burberry trench coat with gently puffed sleeves—that would be Inspector Gadget—she certainly made sure to make it her own.

Meghan Markle

The Duchess of Sussex stepped out in New Zealand wearing a Burberry trench coat with gently puffed sleeves and a waistband.

In 2018, Leonard (Johnny Galecki) of The Big Bang Theory dressed up as Inspector Gadget from the television show, who is a super genius who solves crimes with his incredible gadgets. He even had a hat with a motorized helicopter to complete the look. The picture of him dressed as Inspector Gadget went viral on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter where fans praised him for his creativity and hard work in creating such an amazing costume.

Leonard Johnny Galecki

As of lately, San Diego Comic-Con 22 was a lot of fun. The event was held from July 21 to July 24, and it was an excellent experience for many people. But some unexpected sights stood out more than others, especially the Inspector Gadget costumes.

Inspector Gadget cosplayers were all over the Hilton Gaslamp area at San Diego Comic-Con 22. You could see them everywhere, from the lobby to the bellhops. They even made it onto live TV.

1). Dress up as a real-life cop and be the hero of crime scenes with this Inspector Gadget Police Officer Costume for Mens.

Dude, you’re a cop! And you look like one!

This Inspector Gadget costume is made of polyester poplin fabric and features a trench-coat-style jacket with buttons at the center front. The second column of decorative buttons gives the double-breasted look that Inspector Gadget is known for. The belt has a plastic slide buckle and threads through loops at the jacket waist so you can wear it all day long without making your pants sag. And don’t forget about the hat—you’ll need that to complete the look.

There’s also a foam-backed hat featuring bendable wire antennae with fabric hands, gloves, and a badge to get you the full Inspector look.

2). Does your child love to play pretend? Give them the gift of pretending police officers with Inspector Gadget Police Officer Costume for Kids.

Inspector Gadget is always going to be a hit with your kids. We’re talking about one of the most beloved animated series of all time, and one that’s been around for more than 30 years!

The Inspector Gadget Boys’ Costume is perfect for children who love the show. This costume comes in a polyester poplin material, so you know it will hold up over time. The jacket has buttons at the center front, giving the appearance of double-breastedness. The second column of decorative buttons gives it even more swag—and isn’t it just too cute?

The trench-style jacket has plastic slide buckles at each sleeve and waist, so there are no uncomfortable snaps or zippers to worry about. The self-fabric belt has a plastic slide buckle, threads through loops at the jacket waist, and foam backing for comfort and stability. You can also get this costume with gloves and a badge to complete your Inspector look.

3). Have you seen this Inspector Gadget Police Officer Costume for Toddlers? It’s a must-have for every little crimefighter out there.

Inspectors of the future, assemble!

The Inspector Gadget costume for toddlers is the perfect way to get your little one into the spirit of the animated series. This 100% polyester poplin jacket has buttons at the center front, which gives it a double-breasted look. It also features a second column of decorative buttons that gives it a trench-coat-style jacket with buttons at the center front. The belt is made with plastic slide buckle threads through loops at the jacket’s waist to give it an extra touch of functionality.

Get them ready for their next adventure in this Inspector Gadget Boys Costume.

4). We’re always on the lookout for an Inspector Gadget costume, so when we spotted this loveable classic Police Officer Costume for Women, we knew that she would love it!

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The Inspector Gadget Costume for Women is the perfect Halloween outfit for any gadget girl who wants to take charge of the crime scene. This dress has 3 functional buttons, a badge stitched onto the dress, and a belt wrapped around it that holds your phone and keys.

The hat has wired hands on top so you can call in reinforcements and start inspecting right away! The gray jacket and hat combo are also included in this costume so you can look just like your favorite characters from Inspector Gadget!


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5). You know the drill: trench coat, goggles, mustache. It doesn’t get any more vintage than this 😎

The best Inspector Gadget costume is a trench coat.

We know it sounds ridiculous, but hear us out.

This is the perfect costume for those who want to channel their inner Inspector Gadget while still being able to go outside and play. Sure, kids can get pretty cold in an inspector’s coat, but with this one, you’ll be warmed up before you even step outside.

The shell of this coat is made from cotton, which means it will be soft and breathable and won’t get too hot during summertime outdoor play.

It features a button closure and detachable belt so that it can be adjusted to fit every child perfectly. And because it’s made of cotton, it’s gentle enough on their skin that they’ll be able to get through the day without being uncomfortable or feeling like they’re suffocating while they’re playing outside with their friends.

6). Looking for a new Inspector Gadget costume idea? How about a Suspender and Bow Tie Set with Hat?

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It’s time to get your groove on. With this Suspender and Bow Tie Set, you’ll have everything you need to look like a bona fide dapper gent (oh, we mean Mr. Inspector Gadget).

The Y-Back Elastic Suspenders are pre-tied, so you’ll be ready to go in no time. And the bow tie is perfect for any occasion—from weddings to parties to formal events like proms.

The hat is made of 100% polyester, so it won’t stretch out of shape or lose its shape over time. With this set, you can be sure that your outfit will match up well with many different outfits.

7). When you’re as stylish and clever as Inspector Gadget, whatever you wear counts. This kids detective costume has got attitude and style.

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A great costume for Halloween or other celebrations, this Kids Detective Costume is an excellent choice for your child. The entire outfit is made from 100% polyester, making it easy to clean and care for. It also comes with a matching double-peaked deerstalker-style hat and a long coat with a cape.

The high-quality material ensures that the costume will last through many years of wear and tear. The tartan print cape adds just the right amount of flair to complement the overall appearance of the outfit.

The size available range from small to XL, making it easy to find a good fit for most children.

This kids’ detective costume is not just fun; it’s functional as well. Use it as an Inspector Gadget costume or any other character from your favorite cartoon or movie. You won’t be disappointed.

8). You’re a lady detective and no one can accuse you of not being committed in this Lady Sherlock Costume.

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You’re a woman of mystery, and we’ve got the costume to prove it.

This California Costumes women’s Sherlock outfit is an all-in-one outfit that lets you be the detective you’ve always dreamed of being—without sacrificing comfort or being on the lookout for crime.

It’s made from 100% polyester, so you can wear it anywhere without worrying about getting hot or cold. The pull-on closure makes it easy to get on and off. And the hand wash feature means you won’t have to worry about any bad smells coming from your costume.

You’ll look like a real Inspector Gadget when you put on this ensemble, complete with a pipe and magnifying glass! The neck tie adds flair to make sure your outfit is complete. You’ll be ready to solve crimes in no time!


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Bottom Line

If you’re reading this post then it’s likely that you enjoy the film Inspector Gadget. So much so that you want to dress up as him for Halloween. With a bit of effort and creativity, this is easily done!

Ultimately, it’s hard to go wrong with any choice on this list. They are all cartoony and colorful, plus they are ideal for the young children of today. They even keep the famous gadget watch! What more could you want?

You can also make an Inspector Gadget costume on your own with items found around your home. All you need is glue, newspaper, a clothes iron, and some household items (for the more substantial pieces). When Halloween night arrives, you’ll be able to pair your homemade Inspector Gadget mask with a tuxedo (or any worldly business attire), black gloves, knee pads, and lots of gadgets like cameras, walkie-talkies, and binoculars.


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