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A Guide to New Balance Shoes for Supination

Are you a supinator? Our recommended New Balance shoes have better support for supinators.

Are you looking for New Balance shoes for supination? If you’re a runner who supinates, then it’s important to find the shoe that works best for your gait. And therefore, I am going to help you find New Balance supination footwear. 

Supination or underpronation is a foot condition that happens when the foot rolls outward when walking or running. 

This causes the toes to angle outward instead of inwards, leading to painful blisters and other issues. 

Therefore, it is important to find shoes with a good fit and stability. So that you can avoid the problems associated with supination–such as the formation of blisters, calluses, and corns.


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What are the available New Balance shoes for supination?

The Fresh Foam X series by New Balance has the best variety of shoes; made mainly for those who supinate during their gait. Under this supination shoe series, comes the: 

What makes all these Fresh Foam X shoes ideal for those who supinate is that they have:

➜ Memory foam footbed which creates a more comfortable environment for the supinated foot by absorbing impact and energy;

➜ Soft and lightweight feel with breathable mesh rubbers to keep feet cool and dry even when you’re working up a sweat;

➜ Extra long-lasting sole that provides plenty of support and a smooth ride;

➜ Cushioned foam outsole to provide comfort by extra stress on ankle joints and reducing impact.

The result is a shoe that will help you walk without rolling outward or having an issue with supination.

For Everyday Walking

This running shoe is engineered to work with every kind of supination runner—from those who want to run through the woods on single-track paths to those who are training for marathons.

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New Balance Fresh Foam X 880v12 is a good choice for everyday walking because it has a flexible midsole that provides a smooth transition from heel strike to toe-off. The top performance of this running shoe means you won’t have to worry about jarring or pain during your runs. The updated midsole mapping has been fine-tuned so that it applies more foam in wider areas of the midsole, which allows you to achieve maximum flexibility at points where your foot hits the ground.

In addition, this running shoe is designed with an updated outsole pattern that optimizes cushioning and durability by providing more space between each layer of rubber on your foot’s natural impact surface area. This helps reduce the risk of overuse injuries like Achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis.


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For Hiking

You want to go off-road, but you don’t want to sacrifice your feet. The New Balance Fresh Foam X Hierro v7 boasts a breathable, lightweight upper with better cushioning than traditional shoes so that you can enjoy your adventures without worrying about your feet—or even if they’re going to get wet!

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For those who love the idea of adventure, New Balance Fresh Foam X Hierro v7 is the supination shoe for hiking and adventure travel.

Uneven terrain, moisture, and debris—are just some of the challenges that you’ll face when you go off-road. The New Balance Fresh Foam X Hierro v7 is designed with a specialized construction that’s dedicated to conquering those unique challenges to footwear.

Utilizing Vibram® Megagrip outsole technology and a protective shell of durability and traction, this shoe offers better cushioning, breathability, and lightweight upper materials that make it an ideal choice for those who take going off the beaten path.

Specialized construction allows for a better fit for each foot length and gait style to ensure that your stride will remain smooth regardless of how rocky or uneven the terrain may be.

For Long-Distance Marathon Running

New Balance Fresh Foam X More v4 is the supination shoe for marathon running because it provides the most cushioning and support in a shoe to date. You’ll feel like your feet are walking on clouds.

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Running a marathon is a grueling task, and it takes a lot of dedication from supination runners.

It’s because running a marathon is not only physically demanding but also mentally challenging. You’ll have to push yourself through the pain of running for hours at a time, and that’s why it’s important to have the right equipment on hand for your supinated feet.

The plush underfoot cushioning provided by this model means you’ll have an overall feeling of comfort that will keep you moving forward at a steady pace. The midsole contains the most foam and cushioning in a shoe to date, so you can rest assured knowing your feet will be happy while running through mile after mile of pavement.

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The wider platform allows for a balance between cushioning and support, resulting in an overall experience of more support than any other ultramarathon model out there right now. This is especially true when it comes to heel striking—the increased rocker allows for smoother transitions from heel strike to toe strike, which is one of the biggest challenges runners face during long runs.

The 360 degrees of comfort also contribute to making this shoe ideal for long-distance runs—your foot will always be comfortable whether it’s moving forward or back during each step along the way.

The New Balance Fresh Foam X More v4 is also engineered with zonal support and breathability to keep your feet comfortable while they’re running long distances—even if they’re wet from rain or sweat.

The foam is strategically placed in dramatic cushion zones throughout this shoe so that it promotes a natural stride instead of an unnatural bounce when running at different paces on different surfaces at different speeds over varying distances over varying terrain.


👟 ⇢ For every day walking with supinated feet use the New Balance Fresh Foam X 880v12 because – it’s a broader shoe, it has more cushioning for shock absorption and comfort purposes, it has a more stable heel-to-toe transition (the medial post), and finally, it offers better ankle support.

👟 ⇢ For hiking and adventures use the New Balance Fresh Foam X Hierro v7 because – it’s a shoe that’s built for rugged terrain. This model is designed with Vibram® Megagrip outsole technology and a protective shell to ensure you’ll have the traction and stability needed when hiking over rocky surfaces. The upper material is lightweight, breathable, and provides excellent comfort.

👟 ⇢ For marathon running use New Balance Fresh Foam X More v4 because – the shoe’s lightweight design keeps your feet feeling fresh, even when you’re running for a long period. The Fresh Foam X is engineered to absorb shock from the road so that your body doesn’t have to work as hard during a run and you can focus on reaching your goal.


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