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Prank Gadgets for Funny Pranks

Are you looking for prank gadgets to spice up your prank game?

Look no further because we’ve got the scoop on prank gadgets that are legal, safe, and hilarious!

This post is all about taking your practical jokes to the next level without causing harm or getting into trouble. We promise you’ll be laughing until your sides hurt with these clever and quirky gadgets.

From stink sprays to sneaky sound machines. We’ve got the inside scoop on gadgets that will make your friends think twice before trusting you again (in the best way possible, of course).

So buckle up and get ready for a wild ride. Because we’re about to explore the world of practical joke devices. It’s time to turn up the laughter and have some fun because life’s too short to be serious all the time!


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Choosing Funny Prank Gadgets For The Coolest Pranks

Humor and laughter play important roles in our lives. And pranks can be a fun and effective way to generate both.

As Cynthia Gendrich, a professor of acting and directing at Wake Forest University, explains, pranks can trigger laughter by combining various theories such as surprise, superiority, and the humorous relief of tension. Gentle teasing and pranking can also help to build social connections among individuals.

Research has shown that laughing and humor are beneficial for our well-being. When we laugh, our brains release endorphins and oxytocin, chemicals associated with happiness and social bonding.

Pranks can be a form of “play-fighting” that implies a sense of closeness or insider group feelings in relationships.

A good prank often satirizes human fears or vulnerabilities and can liberate us from social inhibitions for a moment.

According to Gendrich, there exists a theory that suggests that a significant portion of our social laughter stems from the expulsion of excess energy. The preparation involved in setting up a prank creates tension that is released when the prank is executed, providing a sense of relief. Even the mere act of conjuring up a humorous idea and imagining the reaction it might elicit can be enough to prompt laughter, as per Gendrich.

However, it’s important to note that pranks can also have a dark side. While most people stop laughing when pranks become harmful, there is a risk that the humor in pranking may come from a sense of superiority that the prankster feels after making someone else look foolish.

Nevertheless, humor remains an essential component of our lives. And it has a positive impact on our relationships, leadership qualities, and health. Humor is also important for cancer patients as it can improve their quality of life. Thus, we should embrace pranks and humor as long as they are in good taste and not harmful to others.

10 Prank Gadgets for Safe and Legal Pranks

Pranking is a time-honored tradition that has been enjoyed by people of all ages for generations. With the rise of technology, pranksters now have access to a whole new world of tools and gadgets to help them pull off the perfect prank.

Below, we will explore the 10 prank gadgets. From fart machines to beeping devices, these gadgets will have everyone laughing and gasping in disbelief. So, whether you’re planning a practical joke or just looking to add some fun to your everyday life. Read on to discover the prank gadgets out there.

1). Ultimate Prank Kit No.1

91hqQ1aHHNL. AC SL1500

Looking for the prank gadgets to pull off some hilarious practical jokes?

Look no further than The Ultimate Prank Kit No.1!

This kit includes a variety of kid-friendly devices and gadgets that are sure to provide hours of laughter and fun. From the classic nail-through-finger prank to the disappearing ink and fake lotto tickets. There are plenty of tricks to play on your friends and family.

The shock pen, shock gum, and shock hand buzzer are perfect for those who like to see their victims jump, while the squirt ring and squirt toilet will leave them soaking wet.

The fake cockroach and bug in ice are great for those who want to see their friends scream in terror, while the cracked screen and trick nail will have them scratching their heads in confusion.

And for those who just want a good old-fashioned snap, the snap gum is like a mouse trap for people.

With Ultimate Prank Kit No.1, you’ll have everything you need to pull off the best pranks around!

2). Whoops Fake Vomit

Fake Vomit

Looking for a prank that will make your friends gag and run away in disgust?

Whoops Fake Vomit is the perfect gag gift for those who want to take their pranks to the next level.

Made from non-toxic rubber, this toy vomit looks shockingly real, complete with chunks and a nasty texture. Simply place it in a strategic location, and watch as your unsuspecting victim recoils in horror. It’s the ultimate prank to pull on your friends, family members, or coworkers. Just be prepared for the revenge prank that’s likely to come your way!

3). Laughing Smith Potent Stink Spray


The Laughing Smith Potent Stink Spray is the ultimate prank gadget that will have everyone in stitches. With its extra strong stink, this prank stink stuff is perfect for hilarious gag gifts and pranks for adults or kids. The non-toxic formula smells like really ‘bad’ gas, making it the perfect way to pull off a prank that will have everyone gagging and laughing at the same time. Simply spray it in a room and watch as your victims run for the hills! The Laughing Smith Potent Stink Spray is a good prank gadget on the market.

4). Dirty Face Soap


If you’re looking for a prank gadget that’s sure to get some laughs, look no further than Dirty Face Soap. This seemingly innocent white bar of soap is the perfect way to play a prank on your unsuspecting friends. When they go to wash their face or hands, they’ll be in for a surprise when they realize that the soap is leaving behind a layer of dirt and grime. It’s the perfect way to catch your friends off guard and give them a good laugh. Just be prepared to hear some screams and shouts when they realize what’s going on!

5). The Prank Device That Won’t Stop Beeping for 3 Years



This small, inconspicuous noise maker can be hidden almost anywhere. And it will beep, screech, or make a cricket sound at random intervals of 5 to 45 minutes for the next three years!

You can choose from three different annoying sounds. And the battery will last for the entire three-year prank period.

Hide it in a drawer, attach it to the underside of a desk, or stick it in a tissue box for maximum annoyance. Your friends won’t be able to find it, but they’ll be driven insane by the constant beeping.

This prank gadget is perfect for anyone looking to get some revenge or just have a good laugh at their friends’ expense.

6). No Tear Funny Prank Toilet Paper

81LenylPVaL. AC SL1500

This realistic-looking toilet paper is impossible to rip, making for the ultimate bathroom prank. Simply replace the real toilet paper with this fake one, and wait for your unsuspecting victim to try and use it. Watch as they struggle to tear off a piece, only to realize they’ve been pranked! It’s the perfect gag gift for any occasion and is sure to have everyone laughing. So why wait? Get your hands on the ‘No Tear’ Funny Prank Toilet Paper today and start pulling some hilarious pranks.

7). Blue Mouth Sweets

Blue Mouth Sweet

Looking for a hilarious and harmless prank to play on your coworkers? Look no further than Blue Mouth Sweets!

These classic confections look just like regular candies, but they pack a punch that your victim won’t see coming.

After just one bite, their mouth will turn a bright shade of blue, giving away their unwitting participation in your prank. These sweets are easy to slip into a bag of treats or leave out in a bowl, making them the perfect addition to any practical joke.

So why not give them a try and see how many of your coworkers you can fool?

Just remember, they’re not recommended for children under 5!

8). Clear Response Prank Pregnancy Test

61xAcfggjaL. AC SL1500

This fake pregnancy test looks identical to a real pregnancy test. So you can easily trick your significant other into thinking they’re going to be a parent!

With its positive test results every time, you can pull off the ultimate prank by simply soaking the tip of the test in water, and within minutes, you’ll have a positive pregnancy test that shows you’re expecting a baby.

And the best part? You can reuse it again and again.

Imagine the look on your boyfriend’s face when he sees the positive test result! You can prank him by leaving the fake test lying around where he’s sure to find it, like on the bathroom counter. Or maybe you could put it in his wallet or backpack for him to discover later. Once he sees the result, watch as he freaks out and starts planning your future together as new parents!

But remember, it’s all just a prank, so make sure to come clean before things get too out of hand!

The Clear Response Prank Pregnancy Test is a hilarious prank gadget that’s sure to get everyone laughing.

9). Toysmith Tech Gear Multi Voice Changer

cool prank gadget

This amazing gadget is an electronic voice synthesizer that lets you experiment with the science of sound in the most hilarious ways possible. With 10 different voice modifiers, side levers to adjust frequency and amplitude, and the ability to create hundreds of different sound combinations, you’ll have endless hours of fun making your voice sound like a robot, alien, or even a chipmunk!

Not only is this gadget perfect for pranking your friends and family, but it also features a voice amplifier and colorful flashing LEDs to add even more excitement to your mischief-making.

So, what kind of funny pranks can you pull with this awesome gadget? Imagine making a phone call to your best friend with a completely different voice that they can’t recognize. Or sneakily placing the Multi Voice Changer in a room and using it to create spooky sounds and voices, scaring the pants off of your unsuspecting victims.

Here’s an example of how you could use this prank gadget to prank your friends:

  • Sneak up on your friend while they’re talking on the phone or doing something else that requires concentration.
  • Turn on the Multi Voice Changer and select the “robot” voice modifier.
  • Wait until your friend is fully engaged in what they’re doing, and then speak to them in your best robot voice.
  • Watch as they jump in surprise and confusion, trying to figure out where the mysterious robot voice is coming from.
  • Finally, reveal the Multi Voice Changer and enjoy a good laugh with your friend.

10). Fake Smoking Cigarettes

fake cigarette

Looking to pull a funny prank on your non-smoking parents? Well, imagine the look on their faces when they catch you smoking in their house! With these Fake Smoking Cigarettes, you can make it look like you’re puffing away without actually lighting up.

Next time your parents leave the room, sneak a fake cigarette into your mouth and start blowing smoke rings. When they come back, they’ll be in for a shock! Watch as they scold you for smoking and then burst out laughing when they realize it’s all just a harmless prank.

Not only are these fake cigarettes perfect for pranking. But they also make great props for theater productions or movie sets. And with the ability to refill them with talcum powder, you can use them again and again for all your smoking-related pranks. So, light up and have a laugh with these fake cigs!

Types of Pranks

Pranks come in many forms and can be categorized in different ways.

Richard Tallman, a folklorist, came up with a way to categorize different types of pranks based on how big they are, what kind of action is involved, and what the person doing the prank is trying to achieve. Another expert, sociologist Erving Goffman, organized these pranks into different levels of complexity and planning. His categories include kidding, leg-pulling, practical joking, surprise parties, larks or rags, and corrective hoaxing.

One way to categorize pranks is by their targets and whether their effectiveness requires deception or revelation. Here are five types of practical jokes mentioned in Moira Marsh’s book–Practically Joking–published by the Utah State University Press:


These pranks involve telling tall tales or exaggerations to fool someone briefly, without requiring any action from the target. For example, you might tell a friend that the stuffed animal in your office is a rare jackalope that only comes out at night.

Fool’s Errands

These pranks lure targets into specific but misguided courses of action. For example, you might convince a friend to go on a nocturnal snipe hunt or to drive to a nonexistent public event. The humor comes from the target’s gullibility and willingness to believe the prank.

Kick Me Pranks

These pranks make the target unwittingly perform for a hidden audience. For example, you might stick a “kick me” sign on a friend’s back or paint something on their face while they sleep. The humor comes from the target’s ignorance of their objective appearance.

Booby Traps

These pranks tamper with everyday objects to cause surprise or inconvenience. For example, you might coat a telephone receiver with grease or fill a safety helmet with water. The humor comes from the target’s failure to notice the changes and their attempts to use the objects in everyday ways.


These pranks aim to surprise and entertain audiences with their creativity and artistry. They don’t necessarily have targets in the same way as other pranks. But instead, they direct attention to the prankster’s performance. For example, a group of friends might stage a fake flash mob in a public place.


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