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Blundstone vs. Dr.Martens: A Detailed Footwear Comparison

Shoes are to be said for the protection of your sole. But now they are a symbol of costume and ceremony. It is impossible to go anywhere without shoes. Going barefoot can put your health at risk. The two best companies are known to make the perfect shoes for your daily routine. The top 2 companies are Blundstones and Dr.Martens. In this article, we will discuss the top boots of both companies.


Blundstones are light, comfortable, supportive, and durable. The Blundstone boots are perfect for men and women, especially those looking for the right blend of practicality, comfort, and style. They are easy to pull on, and it is easy to build. Here are a few kinds of Blundstone boots

Blundstone BL550 Classic 550 Chelsea Boot

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Blundstone BL550 Classic 550 Chelsea Boot comprises 100% leather. The sole is purely manufactured. There is also a Shaft measuring approximately 5″ from an arch. It comes in different sizes, and there is also a massive range of colors. The measurement of the heel is about 1.25″. Whereas the platform measures approximately 0.75″. The full-length Cambrelle comfort footbed is wicking, which keeps away moisture. Also, the boot opening is estimated to be about 10″ around. This feature makes the shoes unique and stylish.

Moreover, the weight of the shoes is 13 ounces. The dimensions of these shoes are 11.81 x 7.87 x 3.94 inches. There is genuine leather on its upper surface. Also, there is a glove-soft leather lining. It is sturdy from the front & it can quickly back pull-on tabs.


  • The boots are perfect for hiking and street trekking.
  • The shoes are perfect for the wet and rainy seasons.
  • They are comfortable to use.
  • The shoes fit perfectly.


  • It is possible to get the right size.
  • The boots didn’t come in the manufacturer’s box.

Blundstone BL587 Classic 550


Blundstone BL587 Classic 550 comes in black and rustic black color. The boots are imported and made up of 100% leather. The sole is synthetic, and Poron is in the heel strike zone for superior shock absorption. The shaft measures approximately 6″ from the arch. The heel measures about 1.25″. The platform measures about 0.75″. It can be easily removable; it is anatomically designed for the footbed and has an extra set of footbeds for fit adjustment.

The product’s dimensions are ‎ 11.81 x 7.87 x 3.94 inches, while the weight of the product is 1.2 Pounds. The heel height is one ¼ inch. The circumference is ten ¼ inches. Not only this, the boots are full of lining leather.


  • Super comfortable.
  • Perfect for those who have wide feet.
  • Shoes are durable and long-lasting.
  • These are waterproof.


  • The size makes an issue.

Blundstone BL062

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Blundstone BL062 has a synthetic sole and is also made of 100% leather. The shaft measure about 6″ from the arch. The size of the opening boot measures 10″ around. It has a steel shank. There is a premium leather upper. The dimensions of these amazing and comfortable boots are 11.81 x 7.87 x 3.94 inches. The weight of these shoes is 1 pound, and the Blundstone ½ sizes refer to the width only.


  • Excellent round boots.
  • Worth paying.
  • Shoes are comfortable to walk in.


  • The quality could be better.
  • Not available for men.


Dr. Marten is perfect for your feet as they have the quality to cushion the Airwair soles. These shoes are comfortable as well as supportive while you are walking long distances. The shoes are also famous for their durability. Suppose you care for your Dr.marten shoes and boots. They can be used for a lifetime. Here are a few kinds of shoes.

Martens Unisex-Adult 2976 Quad Chelsea Boot

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The iconic silhouette and timeless leather design of the Dr. Martens Platform boot are famous for their homage to the Victorian era and its enduring versatility within our culture. The arcadia upper leather is made of high-shine leather and has a base dye that is a contrasting topcoat, which rubs off over time to reveal the underlying color.

The side elastic gussets are easy to turn on/ off and also have a comfortable fit. The back heel loop is perfect for easy entry. The soft leather lining up for a comfortable interior fit. The Lightly cushioned textile footbed for underfoot is so relaxing. Welted construction offers exceptional flexibility.

The Air-cushioned outsole is made up of oil and is fat resistant. It also has superb abrasion and also slip resistance. Moreover, the higher sole has a rugged commando tread for excellent traction. The boot opening measures around 10.63″.


  • The shoes are stylish, soft, and have a rubber platform.
  • You get in a perfect size.
  • The boots look nice and are comfortable to wear.


  • The top of the shoes is small.
  • The shoes can shred your ankles.

Martens Women’s 1460 w Originals Eight-Eye Lace-up Boot Combat

Dr Marten

The shoes have new leather for an old classic. Also, this is our iconic 8-eye women’s boot that is available in soft, supple Nappa leather combined with a rugged and refined sole. The shoes serve as an unparalleled comfort that is mixed with edgy style. To make these shoes walk easier during the healing process, they are designed with an air-cushioned sole. The company also uses old rubber tires to construct the soles that have air trapped within closed compartments.

The shaft measures Mid-calf from the arch. The shoes were initially built for women, but as they got famous, they have now started making these boots for men also. The shoe weighs 2 pounds.


  • The shoes are perfect for your original size. Do not go up in size.
  • The leather is beautiful.
  • The shoes are unique and highly durable.
  • Worth using them.


  •  The leather is not original.
  • The shoes are painful sometimes.

Martens Men’s Vegan 1460 Fashion Boot

1460 is the original men’s Dr. Martens boot. The boots are easily recognizable and look perfect once you wear them with eight eyes on grooved sides and a heel-loop. It also has yellow stitching and a comfortable, air-cushioned sole. For sure, this boot goes one step further with having a cherry-red synthetic material and is also 100% vegan construction.

Moreover, it has a synthetic sole, and the shaft measures approximately the ankle from the arch. It also has two-tone synthetic leather on the upper side. The weight of this shoe is 1.25 pounds, whereas the dimensions are 11.81 x 7.87 x 3.94 inches.


  • The shoes look classy.
  • The shoes are comfortable.
  • The boots are good.


  • The zippers in these shoes are cheap.
  • The shoes were very tight across the top of the boot.

Blundstone vs. Dr.Martens

Blundstone shoes are popular among those who want to look trendy and also who want to stand out and look incredible. The boots are round and suitable for both summer and winter. At the same time, Dr.Martens shoes are preferably for mail carriers, police officers, and workers who are always on their toes.

Blundstone boots are ideal for both genders looking for the right blend of comfortable and stylish looks. These boots are easy to pull on and perfect for all seasons. In contrast, Dr.Martens is cozy and also endurance. They are super comfortable, and their cushioned soles make them easy to wear all day.


The article was a comparison-based writeup on Blundstone vs. Dr.Martens boots. Both shoes are equally stylish and have many good features for individuals. We have selected a few of the kinds of boots for you so you can effortlessly search and pick your favorite boots for everyday use.


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