Can Hair Oil Be Used With Pomade Oil?

Can hair oil be used with pomade oil? The answer to this question is a direct Yes. But, before getting into the details of this answer, let us first discuss Pomade Oil and its various types.

What Is Pomade Oil?

Pomade oil is a hair product that helps in hair styling, offers you a long-lasting shine, and holds onto your hairstyle. There are different types of hair pomades. Pomades are formulated according to the texture of your hair. Pomade oil is made of petroleum jelly or wax, giving your hair a long-lasting effect for a whole day.

The word pomade is a French word that means ointment. But later, it became popular as a hair product. At the beginning of the 19th century, the basic ingredient of pomade oil was bear fat, but later bee wax and petroleum jelly took their place.

Can pomade be used every day? Well, yes. There is no harm in using pomade every day. People have been using Pomade oil as a hair styling product for centuries.

Types Of Pomade Oil

Hair stylists use a variety of pomade oils to give a classy look to clients. The choice of pomade oils depends on the type and texture of your hair.

Oil-Based Pomade

The best oil-based pomade is made of petroleum jelly and gives a shiny look to your hair. The important feature of this pomade is that you can choose the quantity of oil according to your requirement. Petroleum jelly can retain the moisture in your hair, thus reducing the split ends. Therefore, using oil-based pomade oil will help you moisturize your hair for a long time. This type of pomade oil is also one of the best oils for straightening curly hair.

Oil-based pomade oil is very effective for those men who want to maintain their hairstyle for the whole day because petroleum jelly does not dry quickly and can maintain your style. This type of pomade is the best for some best hairstyles, like slick back hairstyles and ducktail hairstyles. But the major drawback of oil-based pomade oil is that it does not get out of your hair after several washes. You must take it out by using different tricks.

Oil-Based Pomade Vs. Water Based Pomade

The significant difference between the oil-based pomade and water-based pomade is that, unlike oil-based pomade oil, water-based pomade oil quickly gets out of your hair after the first wash. Water-based pomade oil cannot be used for long-lasting hairstyles as the water dries quickly. Rainfall can also ruin your hairstyle. Moreover, your hairstyle will not stay longer than the style maintained by oil-based hair oil.

Wax-Based Pomade

The wax-based pomade oil gives your hair a matte look. Wax-based pomade oil has a lasting effect on your hair compared to oil-based hair pomade. It does not dry as quickly as the water-based pomade, but it can dry after a few hours. It is the best for all kinds of hairstyles.

Clay Pomade

Clay pomade is also famous as putty, paste, or hair clay. It is a hybrid between the pomade oil and gel. It gives a shiny texture to your hair and adds smoothness.

Can You Use Hair Oil With Pomade Oil?

Both hair oil and pomade oil are a lubricant for dry and damaged hair. They make your hair futile, shiny, strong, and bright. They protect your hair from the sun’s ultraviolet rays and keep them lustrous and shiny. Both oils are essential for hair, but the major difference between hair oils and pomade oil is that hair oils help in hair’s natural growth while pomade oils help in styling the hair. They may include ingredients that are helpful in hair growth, but their basic purpose is to help in hair styling. Pomade oils are greasy, thus ensuring long-lasting effects on hairstyles.

You can use hair oils with other styling products like pomade oil to enhance the effects of these products. Pomade oil is greasy, so it needs several washes to get out of the hair, while you can easily remove the natural hair oils after a single wash. If you mix natural hair oils with pomade oil, it will boost their effects. You can use them separately, but you can also mix them up when you need them.

Natural hair oils can be used daily as they are natural products free of chemicals. But in the case of pomade oil, you must be careful. Use it only while styling your hair to reduce damage. They contain beeswax, which gets hard after some time and can damage the texture of your hair.

You should use natural hair oils at nighttime so that you can wash them early in the morning. But you should wash pomade oil at the end of your day to save your hair from damage and breakage. Hair oils blend different herbs and contain essential nutrients for hair growth, while pomade oils are made up of chemicals and natural oils.

In this way, natural oils are more beneficial for hair growth and nourishment, but as far as styling is concerned, the importance of pomade oils cannot be ignored. Hai roils penetrate your scalp and will not give a greasy touch, while pomade oils give a greasy look to your hair as they contain a heavy amount of petroleum jelly.


In the end, we can say that both hair oil and pomade oils are essential as far as hair is concerned. For instance, hair oils are necessary for hair growth, while pomade oils are suitable for hair styling. Both have their own pros and cons, which cannot be neglected. People mainly use them separately, but if you mix a small amount of both oils will boost their effects.


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