Can You Use Oil After A Brazilian Blowout?

Brazilian blowout is a semi-permanent hair smoothing treatment that helps smooth your hair by sealing it with a unique keratin solution. Keratin is a natural rock star protein found in hair, skin, and nails. They also offer strength and protection to the parts shown to the outside world. 

The Brazilian Blowout keratin solution helps to create a protective layer around each hair strand. It also helps to eliminate all the frizz and gives you glossy and gorgeous locks.

Should I use oil before any kind of hair treatment?

Yes, you can use oil before applying any kind of hair treatment. Oiling will help you prepare your hair for any type of styling, curling, or even straightening, and it will prevent damage and make it easy to make hairstyles. 

Can you use oil after a Brazilian blowout?

Yes, you can use oil after a Brazilian blowout. Pure Argan Oil is best for your hair if you want to use oil after a Brazilian blowout. You must ensure that you use the oil with no added chemicals. Argan oil helps hydrate your hair and scalp to protect it from harming your skin. It also helps in preventing split ends and also prevents hair loss. After one week, you can apply Virgin coconut oil to your hair after you have done the treatment. 

 Coconut oil helps in binding the hai. It also helps to reduce keratin loss during wash cycles. Olive oil is also safe to use as they are natural and have no side effects using one week after doing keratin treatment. 

Best oil for chemically treated hair

The best oil that is helpful for chemically treated hair is grapeseed oil. The oil contains over 73% of ceramides that help provide moisture and strength to the hair so it can stand and create a barrier that gives smoothness.

Can we use coconut oil after hair treatment?

Coconut oil can be used if you have taken the keratin treatment. It can be used with the conjunction if you will like it. Coconut oil has lots of incredible benefits on hair.   It is also extra nourishing. But the texture and structure of raw oil can be problematic sometimes. Also, the coconut oil requires additional water to rinse off.  

Benefits of olive oil after the Brazilian blowout 

Olive oil is entirely safe to use once you have taken the hair treatment. It contains moisturizing ingredients such as squalene and oleic acids. It is also helpful to prevent your hair from splitting ends as it can increase elasticity in your hair. Olive oil can give you longer, thicker, and healthier hair instantly and provide a shine that reflects the light to look longer and fuller. 

Precautions After The Treatment

Brazilian Blowout is an extra nourishing hair treatment. But the texture and structure of raw oil can sometimes be problematic. Coconut oil requires additional water to rinse off. Once you have done hair treatment, avoid using a blow dry or hair straightening as they have heat and activate the formal dehydration that releases more chemicals. 

Things To Avoid once you have a keratin treatment

 Here are a few things you must avoid once you have taken the treatment

    • Avoid shampoo that has harsh sulfates, chlorine, and sodium chloride. 
    • Avoid tying your hair soon after you have taken the Brazilian blow dry-out treatment. 
    • Avoid washing your hair for at least 48 hours.

Benefits of Brazilian blow dry out

There are some fantastic benefits of Brazilian lawyers out, such as

  • They are easy to style.
  • They are convenient.
  • The best part is they are long-lasting and also economical.
  • They can be customizable.
  • You can save time in the morning according to your daily routine. 
  • The treatment works very well on curly, wavy, and straight hair. 
  • The treatment also works on hair with little frizz.
  • The hairstylist can customize it according to your needs. 
  • The protein treatment helps to strengthen your hair and gives your hair a bouncy look. 

Tips to take care of hair after the treatment

    • You must apply conditioner to dry hair before you are going to take a shower.  
    • Try to avoid your hair saturating with water for a long time.
    • Do not brush or tie your hair for approx 24-48 hours.
    • Avoid going through any chemical services for the next three weeks.
    • Use only the prescribed home care remedies to protect your hair from side effects.
    • It would help if you tried to re-tune your moisturizer vs. the protein balance in your hair.
    • Using a leave-in-heat will help you to protect, and it is also essential as you have found a new and easy way to manage your hair. 

Side effects of Brazilian blowout  

Brazilian blowouts can cause some severe side effects, such as

    • Rash.
    • Nausea.
    • Itching.
    • Chest Pain.
    • Breathing Problem.
    • Scalp Burning.
    • Headaches.
    • Dizziness.
    • Blisters.
    • Nosebleed.
    • Nose or throat irritation.
    • Watery eyes.
    • Vomiting.
    • Eyes stinging and redness.
    • Hair breakage.
    • Hair patchiness
    • Hair loss. 


The best person for Brazilian blowouts is one with frizzy, damaged, or processed hair. Once you have done the Brazilian blowout, the question will arise: Can you use oil after the treatment? So the answer to this question is yes. You can use oil after the treatment. The best oil to use is Aragon, olive, and coconut oil. These oils do not have any side effects and are also called natural oils. 

Oiling hair will help you to thicken your hair and also to give volume to the hair. The oiling also gives a bouncy look to your Brazilian blowout. We hope this article will clear all doubts regarding oiling after you take the hair treatment.


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