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What Shoes Does Charlie Woods Wear & Why? [REVEALED]

Tiger Woods’ son, Charlie, is a budding young golfer who is already being compared to his famous father. But what about the shoes that he wears? The question has been on everyone’s minds since the boy joined the course, but now we have some genuine answers!

If you’re a golfer, you’re probably familiar with Tiger Woods—it’s hard to be a golfer and not know who he is. But even if you don’t follow the game, it’s hard to miss his son Charlie Woods. 

The 2009-born has been spotted on the golf course with his dad just about everywhere, including at the recent PNC Championship and PGA Tours.

So what shoes does this prodigy wear? He’s been spotted in everything from crocs and sneakers to dress shoes and boots. And though it seems like every day brings another colorful pair of shoes for Charlie, he actually sticks to a few special ones for his golf game.

What shoes does Tiger Woods’ son wear? It’s all in the details below:

1). Puma PROADAPT DELTA Mid Golf Shoes

Charlie Woods
Tiger Woods and his son Charlie on the last day of the PNC Championship in Orlando, Fla., Dec. 19, 2021.

Tiger Woods’ son Charlie Woods is a pretty well-known golfer. And, like his father, he’s been spotted on the golf course wearing some pretty sweet shoes.

But what exactly does Charlie like to wear when he goes out to play?

Well, Charlie’s favorite pair of shoes is the Puma PROADAPT DELTA Mid Golf Shoes. 

These shoes have been spotted many times at tournaments like PNC Championship 2021 and events where Charlie has been playing lately—and they’re definitely a good fit for his style.

Charlie Woods Shoes
Tiger Woods is pictured wearing black Nike golf shoes, while Charlie sports black Puma PROADAPT DELTA Mid Golf Shoes. Both styles feature silver logo accents.

The pattern on the outside of these shoes looks like it was made by someone who loves to play golf, and that’s because Charlie does too. He can be seen wearing these shoes on the golf course all over the world, from California to Australia.

It’s pretty impressive that Tiger has remained such a staunch lover of Nike shoes—but seeing Charlie adopting Puma is a surprise! It shows that kids aren’t always repping their parents’ brands (or maybe they are!), but just want to find what works best for them.

What makes Puma Proadapt Delta Mid golf shoes an ultimate favorite of Charlie Woods?

Puma’s PROADAPT DELTA Mid Golf Shoes are engineered to adapt to the demands of his game.

The Adapt foam in the heel helps him maintain a stable, upright stance and ensures that he has control over his ground contact. 

The lightweight design means Charlie can stay on his feet longer, while the energy return system helps him maximize his swing speed by allowing energy to be transferred back into the golf ball.

The torsional rigidity system increases the torsional stiffness of the upper materials, which improves both durability and performance.

The full-grain leather upper is made from soft but strong material that protects Charlie’s feet from damaging weather conditions like rain and snow. It also provides a comfortable feel against his skin when walking around on uneven surfaces such as grass or rock gardens (without adding any weight).

The mid-cut height allows for comfort during long walks through rough terrain (without sacrificing mobility). The ankle support adds stability while walking around so that it won’t slip off even when Charlie Woods is wearing thick socks.

2). Nike Infinity G

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Nike’s Infinity G is another one of Tiger Woods’ son Charlie Woods’s favorite shoes. He loves them because they are comfortable and stylish. He doesn’t mind wearing Nike when he plays golf because he knows his father will love them too!

Nike Golf Shoes, which Tiger Woods has been wearing since his days as a professional golfer, are some of the most expensive and sought-after sneakers on the market.

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Charlie Woods swings at his ball in his Nike Golf shoes.

The black pair has been spotted on Charlie several times as well, but he also has a white version. He has been seen wearing them both at different times during his career.

How do Nike Golf shoes help Charlie Woods play his best?

The first thing Charlie loves about these shoes is that they’re soft and plush—no more rubbing against his feet or getting blisters. And they’re also lightweight and comfortable enough to wear all day long.

Next up is the patented traction system: integrated spikes that let Tiger Wood’s 13-year-old son run like never before. These shoes don’t catch on surfaces like rocks or gravel—they won’t slow down the pace at all. Plus, the spikes are made from super-strong materials so they’ll last for years.

And finally, the best part: these shoes are waterproof and breathable so they won’t get soaked in sweat when it starts raining outside (or when it’s hot inside). Plus, they have a sock liner cushion built into each one so that every step feels as cushioned as possible.

3). FootJoy Premier Series Packard Shoes

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The FootJoy Premier Series Packard Shoes are a recent addition to the Woods family. 

This is a recent change for the Woods family and we think it may be a sign of the direction they are headed in. The Woods family has been a big supporter of Puma and Nike in recent years. But there are signs that they are slowly transitioning towards other brands as well.

Charlie has been seen wearing FootJoy’s Packard Premium Series at various events recently, including at the Masters. He has also been spotted wearing them on social media.

woods shoes 1920 masters22

Father Tiger Woods was first spotted wearing them at Augusta National 2022. 

When asked about his decision to switch shoe brands, Tiger Woods explained that he needed a more stable shoe for his surgically repaired right leg—but then added that it wasn’t necessarily the end of Nike’s relationship with him or his family.

What could be the reasons behind Charlie Woods and Tiger Woods wearing FootJoy Premier Series Packard Shoes?

Charlie Woods and Tiger Woods both wear FootJoy Premier Series Packard Shoes because they are a great choice for golfers of all skill levels.

The full-grain leather is made from the best cowhide, and it has traction elements that allow you to grip from any angle. This means that no matter what your swing speed or technique, you can get off the ground with ease.

FootJoy Premier Series Packards also have an orthopedic support system in the heel and toe boxes that help keep your feet in good shape over time. The stability design helps to reduce pressure on the Achilles tendon and increase flexibility in the ankle joint.

On top of all that, they feature low-profile spikes which make them one of the best-looking pairs of shoes on the market today.

They’re also 100% waterproof so they can be worn outside without worrying about getting wet when it rains or snows.

In addition, they’re the first ever golf shoes to have a customizable insert system. The system allows you to adjust the amount of arch support and cushioning in your shoe, so you can find the perfect fit for your feet.


So that’s it for our Charlie Woods shoe series. The Puma PROADAPT DELTA Mid golf shoes are his ultimate favorite, but he inherits a liking for Nike Infinity Golf Shoes from his legendary father Tiger Woods. FootJoy’s Premier Series Packard shoes are a new addition to his wardrobe.


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