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How to Clean & Deodorize Stinky New Balance Shoes?

A complete guide on how to clean your smelly New Balance shoes by removing the bacteria and getting rid of the smell.

New Balance shoes are one of the most iconic footwear brands around, known for their premium products, innovative designs, and stellar performance. But if you’ve got some New Balance shoes that smell like they’ve been through a war with your pets, then it’s time to know how to clean New Balance shoes.

Different kinds of New Balance shoes are available in the market, made up of different types of materials. So, it’s essential to clean your new balance shoe properly to keep them healthy and prevent bacteria.

This blog post here will show you how to clean all types and variants of New Balance shoes properly so they stay fresh and odor free.

How To Clean & Deodorize New Balance Shoes with Mesh Uppers?

Material Type: Items Needed: Suitable For Models Like:
  • Soft Cleaning Brush
  • Water
  • Laundry Detergent
  • Soft Cloth
  • New Balance Fresh Foam Series (all)
  • NB FuelCell
  • NB 840v5
  • NB 847v4
  • NB Sports & Trail Shoes

Whether you’re going for a casual stroll or a jog, the mesh of your shoes will get dirty quickly. 

Most New Balance shoes usually feature a lightweight and breathable synthetic mesh upper for ease of wear–so your feet won’t get too hot, sweaty, or uncomfortable during a run.

While shoes with mesh uppers have pros, there are also cons to the material. Mesh is more likely to trap dirt, leading to smell and odor issues. 

So it’s important to take care of your shoe mesh and clean them. Because in the long run, it will help you have better service life which is one of the most important factors in shoe development.


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Below, we will explain how to clean your New Balance shoes mesh and make them look brand new again – even if you’ve never really washed them before:

1). Use a soft shoe brush (or a toothbrush) to dust off excess dirt from the exterior of your shoes. Use light, gentle circular strokes to avoid abrasion and damage to the mesh. 

2). In a small bowl, mix together some warm water and mild laundry detergent. The mixture should be just soapy enough to create suds but not overly frothy. When cleaning mesh, it is important to avoid bleaching agents since these can discolor or damage the material.

3). Using a soft cloth, apply your cleaning solution to the shoes and rub them gently in circular motions. If a stain is particularly stubborn or ground in, it may be wise to use a soft-bristled brush.

4). Keep another bowl of clean warm water handy to periodically rinse the cloth or brush as you scrub. That way, you’ll avoid spreading existing stains over the rest of the shoe.

5). Soak a clean soft cloth in water. Wet it up so that it’s damp. Then wipe down the shoe exterior. Submersion can damage the internal structure of shoes, and should therefore be avoided. Some adhesives used in shoe design don’t respond well to excessive moisture.

6). Store your shoes in a cool, dry location away from direct sunlight and allow them to fully air-dry before wearing. In addition, you can also stuff your shoes with paper towels as they dry to better retain their shape.

How To Clean New Balance Shoes with Knit Upper?

Material Type: Items Needed: Suitable For Models Like:
  • Soft Cleaning Brush
  • Water
  • Laundry Detergent
  • Soft Cloth
  • New Balance Fresh Foam Series (all)
  • NB FuelCell 100
  • NB BurnX3
  • NB Kid’s 996v4

So, you’ve just bought a pair of knit fabric shoes and they’re a little bit different than your every day sneakers. The top is made of a soft material that feels like knitted fabric. And when you wear them, there’s this cool feeling as if you were wearing wool socks or something like that.

However, many of the shoes made from knit fabrics, need to be carefully cleaned. When you wash these items, you mustn’t use abrasive materials to wipe or clean them. In fact, you should avoid using any cleaning agent that could affect the shape or ability of your shoes to retain their form.

Here’s how to clean New Balance shoes with knit upper fabric and make them look as good as new:

1). To begin, put a little bit of gentle detergent—about 1 teaspoon—into a small bowl with water.

2). Soak a clean cloth in the detergent, then wring out excess water. Scrub the soiled areas of your shoes to remove stains. Use a light touch so you don’t damage the yarn. Repeat the process until you are satisfied with the results.

3). Once the shoe is finished, rinse the cloth in clean water and go over it again with a clean part of the cloth to remove any remaining soap.

4). If the shoes are pretty grimy and seem notoriously hard to clean, then you can use a brush with soft bristles made for scrubbing delicate materials like patent leather. Be careful not to snag the yarn on your way in; working too hard can cause pilling and fraying. You should also avoid using too much detergent solution, as it can cause the fabric to become stiffer and more rigid—and therefore harder to clean.

5). The final step is to dry the shoes by patting them with a dry cloth and letting them air dry. If the shoes don’t look clean after you have cleaned them once, repeat the process.

How To Deep Clean New Balance Textile Shoes?

Material Type: Items Needed: Suitable For Models Like:
  • Damp Sponge
  • Water
  • New Balance Nergize Sport
  • FuelCell Propel v3

Textile shoes are a stylish addition to any outfit. They’re also perfect for keeping your feet cool and comfortable in the summer, so they’re an essential wardrobe staple. But do you know how to clean them?

Unfortunately, textile shoes are magnets for dirt. The more you wear them, the dirtier they get. So you must clean them regularly before the grime starts to settle in and make your shoes look dingy.

That said, a little bit of elbow grease is all it takes to clean your textile shoes!


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Here are some tips on how to keep your textile New Balance shoes looking bright and new:

1). Use a brush to remove dust and dirt from the fabric of your shoes immediately after you’ve been outside, to prevent it from getting onto the fibers.

2). To get stubborn dirt off your shoes, use a damp sponge. However, it’s best not to let water seep into the soles of shoes because that will dissolve the glue and make them fall apart.

3). White-colored textile shoes can be dried in the sun. But don’t dry darker ones this way, as they will fade quickly if exposed to sunlight.

How To Stretch Textile Shoes?

Textile shoes get tight. You know it, we know it, and it’s time to accept it. Whether you’ve been wearing them for a few months or a few years, they will start to feel like they’re squeezing your feet like a vice grip.

We’re here to tell you that there are ways to stretch out textile shoes so that they fit again as you wear them! All it takes is a little bit of time (and money), but it’s well worth the investment in your comfort level.


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We recommend using shoe trees to keep your shoes from getting too tight. Shoe trees work by absorbing the moisture from your shoes, making them more comfortable and easier to wear. Shoe trees also help preserve the shape of your shoes so that they don’t get crushed while they’re in storage. If you don’t have any shoe trees yet (and even if you do), we recommend getting some good ones right away. You can find them at most department stores or online retailers—just look for ones made out of cedar wood.

Another method is to use shoe stretching sprays. Simply spray the stretching spray onto the sections where your shoes feel tight. Then put them on right away. You won’t have any toxins affecting your skin—it’s completely okay to wear shoes right after they are sprayed. And once your shoes have dried, they’ll stay in their new shape even after repeated wearing.

How Do You Clean and Get The Smell Out Of New Balance Suede Shoes?

Material Type: Items Needed: Suitable For Models Like:
  • Soft Cleaning Brush
  • Suede Eraser (or a pencil eraser)
  • Acidic Liquid (optional)
  • Vinegar (optional)
  • Rubbing Alcohol (optional)
  • Audazo v5+ Pro Suede
  • Made in USA series
  • NB Numeric Skateboarding Series

Suede is a soft, shiny fabric that offers a luxurious feel. It’s a favorite among celebrities, who often sport suede shoes when going out on the town. However, it can be challenging to keep them looking and smelling clean. That’s why we have gathered information on how to clean New Balance suede fabric shoes properly so you don’t end up with stinky smudges all over your favorite pair of kicks!


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1). Before cleaning your shoes, use a shoe tree or stuff them with old newspapers so they retain their shape.

2). Begin by brushing away any dirt or debris on the surface of the shoe with either a suede brush, toothbrush, or clean cloth. But avoid using soap or water—soapy residue can make your shoes look worse!

3). Brush the suede in short back-and-forth motions to lift any debris and loosen stubborn stains.

4). For stubborn smudges on your suede shoes, you can use a suede eraser. If you don’t have one available, a pencil eraser or household cleaning sponge will work in a pinch. When you use an eraser, make sure that the rubber itself is clean.

Rub a little harder on this step, but be careful not to rub the suede too vigorously or you might end up ruining it. If a stain is stubborn, scrub at it in a circular motion until it loosens. If that doesn’t work, move on to the next step mentioned below.

5). If you can’t remove a stain, try applying an acidic liquid to break down the dirt particles and lift out stains. We suggest wetting the corner of a cloth with a suede cleaner, white vinegar, or rubbing alcohol and then dabbing it on your shoe.

Dampen the shoe rather than soaking it, and massage its surface with rapid side-to-side strokes. Then let it dry before looking at the results again. Repeat if needed to remove all traces of scum from the suede’s fibers

For Oil and Grease Stains – Sprinkle cornstarch over the stain and allow it to sit for a few hours. Gently wipe away any remains with a cloth or use a vacuum cleaner’s hand attachment to lift them out of your shoe.

For Removing Gum or Wax – Freeze your shoes in the freezer to harden the gum or wax, and then peel or scrape off the offending substance.

For Cleaning Blood Stains – Wipe the stain with a cotton ball or clean towel dampened in hydrogen peroxide. Let the shoe air dry, and repeat if necessary.

*Important Note:

We don’t recommend washing suede shoes in the washer or by hand with soap and water. Because suede is porous, water can cause stains to set in the fabric.

To remove dirt or stains from a suede article, start by brushing the stain with a dry brush, then wipe it off with an eraser and finish up by rubbing some alcohol-based liquid into the spot.

How To Remove Dirt Stains From Rubber Outsoles?

New Balance manufacturers put rubber outsoles in their shoes to make the shoe shock absorbent and protect the foot from the ground. Unfortunately, when we wear our shoes, the rubber outsole looks worn down and dirty.


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Here are some practical cleaning tips that apply to almost all kinds of shoes. This is an important hobby, especially if you want to keep your New Balance sneakers or tennis shoes looking good.

Method #1 (Using Acetone)

  1. Acetone, a chemical solvent that is often used in nail polish remover, can be one of the easiest ways to restore your shoe’s original color.
  2. Use a cloth to wipe away as much dirt as you can from the shoe.
  3. Soak a cotton ball or swab in nail polish remover (acetone); you may also try lacquer thinner.
  4. Wipe down the sole of the shoe with a clean cloth.
  5. Keep cleaning the grime and dirt with a fresh cotton swab until no more of either is visible.

Method #2 (Using Baking Soda & Dishwashing Liquid)

The baking soda and liquid dish soap mixture is another excellent way to clean rubber shoes. These are great for giving your shoes a nice shine.

  1. For this method, you’ll need liquid dish soap (we recommend Dawn), baking soda, and a toothbrush.
  2. Scrub off loose dirt using a clean cloth.
  3. Mix two parts of baking soda with one part Dawn (the paste should be in a thick consistency). Make enough paste so there is plenty to cover the affected area of the shoes’ outsoles when you are finished mixing it up.
  4. Soak your toothbrush in the mixture and scrub the outsole.
  5. Clean the area by cloth-wiping and repeating until it is entirely free of dirt and stains.
  6. Rinse with water and allow it to dry completely.

Method #3 (Using Magic Eraser for White Rubber Soles)


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With their incredible scrubbing powers, magic erasers can make scuffs on your shoe’s sole vanish.

  1. First, remove any dirt that is loose on the surface of your shoes.
  2. Wet the magic eraser.
  3. To get a really clean finish with the Magic Eraser, wipe from top to bottom and then side-to-side on your shoes.
  4. If the eraser has become too dry, you can rehydrate it.
  5. Dampen a cloth and use it to wipe the shoes clean.

How To Sterilize New Balance Shoes Insoles?

You’ve just spent a good amount of money on that new pair of shoes and they suddenly smell bad. The smell can be unbearable, but how do you get rid of that smell fast? How do you clean insoles in shoes? What are the right steps to take? How can I remove odor from insoles? The following are the steps that can help you solve your problem.

via Soapy Water

Soapy water is the most effective way to clean your insoles. To clean your New Balance shoes’ insoles, you should do the following:

  1. Mix warm water and soap in a container.
  2. Use a sponge dipped in the mixture to scrub your insoles.
  3. Clean the insoles by rinsing them with a damp sponge or cloth.
  4. Let them air dry.
  5. Reinsert the insoles into your shoes.

via Rubbing Alcohol (Best for Non-Removable Insoles)

You can clean your insoles by soaking them in a solution of methylated spirits. Here are some things you can do:

  1. Add an equal amount of water and rubbing alcohol to a spray bottle.
  2. Spray the mixture onto both sides of the insoles.
  3. Allow the insoles to dry.

*Note: You can use either distilled white vinegar or hydrogen peroxide to create the same effect as methylated spirits. You will then have to reduce the amount of water.

via Baking Soda

Sodium bicarbonate can be applied to the soles of shoes to keep them from getting smelly. Baking soda is an excellent odor absorber, but it must be used in the proper sequence to clean shoe insoles.

  1. Fill a large container with enough baking soda to cover whatever you’re trying to deodorize.
  2. Dip the soles into the product and make sure that they are completely covered.
  3. Close the container and let the insoles sit inside for six to eight hours.
  4. Collect your insoles and shake off the baking soda. Then put them back into the shoe.

Well, we just told you how to get the smell out of New Balance shoes. We hope this answers all of your questions, and if you have any other queries about stinky sneaks or anything else for that matter, feel free to write back in.


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