Do You Put Hair Oil Before Or After Blow Drying?

The question that usually arises in the mind of most people. Do you put hair oil before or after blow drying? So the answer to the question is. Yes, you can apply hair oil before or after blow drying. It is totally up to you if you want to blow dry your hair or if you want to curl them, put a small amount of hair oil in your hands and apply it gently on your hair.

The next concern when using heat styling tools is protecting your natural hair. The hair experts recommend using a heat protectants product with Oil as a main ingredient. It gives smoothness to your hair if you use heat protectants before blow drying and gives a healthy sheen.

What is the best time when you can apply oil to your hair?

The best time to apply hair oil to your hair is in the morning. At that time, you are getting ready and have a product formulated with lightweights oil that can be used daily.

Apply the oil on damp hair before blow drying…

The constant heat styling can be a reason for the toll on your hair. You were leaving it to be dry or to be brittle, even damaged and dull. So, if you are attempting it without using any protection, it might seem somewhat nuts to us.

Just make sure that you have applied our Oil so you can dampen your hair before blowing it dry. It helps to shield your strands and also helps in protecting your hair up to 428° F.

Benefits of using oil BEFORE blow drying

As we have discussed earlier, regular oiling gives your hair strength, makes it thick, and gives it a volume and bouncy look. Some of the benefits of using Oil before blow drying are:

  • With the help of oiling, you can quickly prepare your strands for every styling.
  • Lukewarm Oil is beneficial for stimulating your hair follicles.
  • Oiling before blow drying helps moisturize your scalp, makes your hair bouncy and eliminates frizz.
  • Oiling also helps to give your hair shine and luster.
  • It gives you a protective layer that is beneficial to prevent damage from blow drying.

Benefits of using oil AFTER blow drying

Oiling works as a miracle on your hair if it is done regularly. Some of the benefits that have been seen by oiling hair after blow drying are:

  • It works as a natural shiner.
  • Oiling makes your hair stronger.
  • It protects your hair from wear and tear.
  • Oiling works as a natural heat protectant.
  • Applying Oil after blow drying will nourish and protect the fiber of your hair.

Things to Avoid while Oiling Before and After Blow Dry

Here are some tips that are important to follow while you are applying Oil before or even after blow drying, such as:

  • Avoid tying your hair before or after the blow drying hair.
  • Do not use too much Oil.
  • Avoid combing or brushing once you have applied Oil before or even after the blow drying.
  • Avoid using a towel once you have applied Oil before or after blow drying.

Best Hair Oil to use Before or After Blow Drying

Like coconut oil, olive oil also has vitamin E and fatty acids. This step also helps to nourish your hair and has the best conditions. Moreover, it also has the quality of softening emollients like oleic acid. This makes a hair spray and heat protectant for the other sections. It also helps in covering each of your strands. Therefore, Eliot said that he would tell his clients that they must apply Oil just before they take a shower and when they pin up their hair.

Certain natural oils can help your hair. Now you have to tie one hair section with a clip. Now it will lose its effect just before you start to blow dry. If you have straight hair, you must compress out as much water as possible when it is exceptionally wet. Your hair will indeed get stretched, and also it loses moisture.

Best Tips for Blow Drying Hair Before or After Oiling

Here are some tried and tested tips that can be kept in mind while you put Oil before or after blow dry

1. Apply With Soft Hands

Apply the Oil with soft hands. Do not let your hair soak in the Oil. You can quickly eliminate the excess by dabbing your hair with your microfiber towel.

2. Test a Small Section of Hair

Before applying any heat to your head, you must check on a small patch of hair to ensure that it’s ok, especially if you have never combined your Oil with the heat just before applying.

3. You must start with a low temperature

It would help if you started your blow drying with low to mid-temperature. It should be done on the small section of your hair you are considering testing. You can increase the temperature according to your hair that takes well to it.

4. You Can Still Use It On Commercial Heat Protectants

Just feel free to apply a commercial heat protectant on the layer of the Oil over it. However, if you plan to do blow-drying, this could be too much for your hair. It will also prevent a bouncy result. You will find grape seed oil that works quite well with your hair.


Oiling has incredible results on your hair whether you put the hair oil before or after blow drying. Some people are confused about whether to use Oil before or after blow drying, but it is entirely safe to use hair oil before or after blow drying your hair. Don’t hesitate and give the required nourishment to your hair with hair oil.


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