Are Galley Kitchens Coming Back In Style? 5 Latest Kitchen Layouts

Kitchens are of different shapes and sizes. The choice is up to you. You can be spoilt for choice with the kitchen layouts; your kitchen formation options are also essential when starting a project. The main factor is to think carefully about how you have to use and move within the space.

Types of Kitchen

There are many types of kitchen layouts. Some of the most important types are as below.

The L-shaped Kitchen Layout

L-shaped is one of the most common kitchen layouts people like in their houses. This type of kitchen has a special design that can easily fit into corners. It also provides you ample counter space that, makes it popular. They are an excellent choice for all small to medium-sized kitchens.

Not only this, but they also incorporate a dining area depending on how much extra space you want or you are having. From an aesthetic viewpoint, all the small L-shaped kitchens have a design and structure to seem more significant. Also, opting for the combination of pale or neutral-colored cabinetry gives an impression of more space.

One-wall Kitchen Layout


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The idea of a one-wall kitchen is the best kitchen layout design for small or narrow kitchens. This is the simplest among all of the layout options that are available. A one-wall kitchen also maximizes space efficiency without giving up on functionality. The designs of this kitchen usually consist of cabinetry installed on a single wall.

The best part of a one-wall kitchen is its excellent layout option for small and narrow kitchens. It helps to organize your kitchen appliances along with one wall. It also helps to make everything easy to access. The apparatus can be hidden behind the sliding doors or within a cabinet if you have limited space.

U-shaped Kitchen Layout


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U-shaped kitchens do not need to follow the restriction of three walls. The layout can be adapted if there is some space for an island unit based on one end of a run of units. The modern designs also include the U-shape plus island combination that seems to have an island bridging to the middle of a large U-shape.

It also has a standalone U-shape island which helps to sit in the middle of an open-plan room. The kitchen is also surrounded by three sides that help make it ideal for those who love cooking. It also helps to keep all your utensils and cooking equipment that will be easy to access.

Galley Kitchen Layout


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The galley kitchen may be a very productive layout when you have enough space. This kitchen has multiple work zones as it is based on two countertops as well as two sets of cabinets. A cooktop, a fridge, and a sink are ideal forms of a golden kitchen triangle and are convenient for your cooking experience.

To maximize your galley kitchens, you need smart ideas simply. A good kitchen designer will surely devise different solutions for awkwardly shaped kitchens. Still, to explore the kitchen’s potential, you need to consider structural work. It is worth consulting an interior designer or architect.

Peninsula Kitchen Layout

Peninsula kitchens are one of the most hardworking kitchen layouts. They are also the most popular layout for anyone seeking to zone an open space or embrace a broken living plan. Have a breakfast counter is an island that is linked to a wall. It also allows your kitchen to have more space counters while you are providing seating as well.

The arrangement of the illustrations is also famously known as the concept of an ideal golden triangle. A cooktop in the center, a sink, and a fridge on the side. Moreover, this kitchen layout provides a classic handy, and spacious cooking area. The other idea is to have all the accessories to add to a bar cabinet and some of the lights to transform it into a breakfast counter bar.

Final Words

After reading about the basic kitchen layouts, you have learned about the basic design of the different kitchens. Usually, it takes a look at your floor plan, and you will also focus on what suits your kitchen and what you need to find the best.

The U-shaped kitchen layout is the perfect choice for the best kitchen layout that fits your space without much compromise. It also ensures that you are now perfectly formed and have plenty of space for storage and countertop prep.


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