LucidSound LS31 Wireless Headset [REVIEWED]

Best for die-hard gaming fans.

This exceptional LucidSound LS31 wireless is the perfect partner for your gaming headset. It was developed by keeping gamer lovers in mind who are crazy for Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, iPad, iOS, Android, & mobile devices. It also has an innovative control interface to get you all the comfort and style.

There are intuitive controls so you can set the game volume. Also, you can manage your chat volume. The game and mic mute also give you effortless access while playing.

The wireless LS31 is so comfortable for every size head. All it needs is to have the right amount of clamping force so you can keep them safe and also secure. These are specially designed to give your ear cushions and also mold to the gamer’s ears so they can quickly reduce fatigue for long gaming sessions.


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Details of Features

This wireless gaming headset is designed to be the best. The wireless headphones not only support sony PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, Windows, iOS & Android smartphones but also supports mobile devices, Nintendo Switch 3DS, and PS VitaMulti-game compatible. These headphones are perfect for many games, such as battle royal the Fortnight, and also support Pub and Black Ops 4. It also helps Red Dead Redemption 2, Call of Duty, Overwatch, World of Warcraft’s Legion, and many more.

It provides you with a crystal-clear sound. Not only this, but it also provides you with 50mm speakers with Neodymium magnets. These headphones have deep bass and clear highs. This advanced 2.4GHz wireless has Technology & channel hopping Technology for interference-free audio. They also have a rechargeable battery with 15 hours per charge.

It also has three unique EQ presets & an independent game, and chat controls integrated into the ear cups with dual microphones & mic Monitoring. The dual microphone offers a flexible boom mic that can be removed & used as an integrated mic for mobile use.


The Next Generation of Wireless Gaming Audio

The next generation of wireless gaming audio from LucidSound is one of the most significant editions. The LS31 also has excellent features, such as lag-free wireless for gaming on Playstation, Xbox, PC, and mobile. These are also designed for superior comfort with oval leatherette ear cups and memory foam padding. The LS31 delivers a unique surround Sound on Xbox One and Windows 10. With revolutionary quick-access Also controls and a lightweight, flexible headband.

Quick Access

The wireless headset provides quick access controls placed right on the ear cups (just like the Polk Audio Buckle Headphones). This means you never have to face the trouble of changing a setting while playing your independent game and chat volume controls.

Control buttons

The left ring supports game volume. There is a left center button that helps in-game audio mute. At the same time, the right ring controls the chat volume. The right center button controls mute the mic.

Lightweight Metal Frame

The headphones are durable and have a lightweight metal frame to provide strength and a flexible headrail to have a comfortable fit.

Powerful 50 mm Drivers Tuned Specifically for Gaming

The headphones have high-fidelity 50 mm Neodymium drivers engineered explicitly for gaming. It also supports Windows Sonic Surround Sound on Xbox One Windows 10.

Crystal Clear Chat with Dual Mics and Mic Monitoring

The headset is a removable yet flexible boom mic to support your intense gaming sessions. There is a built-in hidden mic that is ideal for phone calls. The mic monitoring lets you hear your voice, so you don’t have to shout.

Lucid Sound LS31

Designed for Comfort

These designs are ultra-plush. They can be easily replaceable. The oval ear cups include advanced memory foam for superior comfort during long play sessions.

Precision Wireless Audio

They are uncompressed and lag-free wireless for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. They also support a surround sound that is on Xbox One. It also includes the cable required for Xbox Live Chat.

Surround Sound Feature

It supports windows sonic for Headphones and Dolby Atmos on Xbox One and Windows 10. It is compatible with your Windows 10 PCs displaying the Xbox Wireless Logo, and other Windows 10 PCs may require the Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows (sold separately). Additional purchases can also be necessary.


The console game audio provides optical wireless. It provides console chat audio that also supports PS4 / PS3 USB. The Xbox One 360 is supported by a wired Controller.

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  • Great headset with unique sounds and features.
  • Comfortable to use.
  • Best for gaming and live chats.
  • Worth paying. Value for money.
  • Good battery life.
  • Great build quality.


  • A little heavier.
  • No swivel mobility on the earcup.

Why choose the Lucid sound LS31 gaming headset?

Here are a few reasons why to choose this specific headset

  • It has surround sound for Xbox One and Windows 10
  • There is interference-free wireless for the Console and PC.
  • It also has revolutionary quick-access controls.
  • They are lightweight and also constructed in soft design, so you can tell that it is unbreakable.
  • They are designed to provide you with maximum comfort.
  • Their advanced dual mic system comes with mic monitoring.
  • They are adjustable tonal balance.
  • Its high-fidelity 50 mm drivers.
  • It also includes a 3.5mm Xbox Live chat and mobile use cable.

What is the best part of the product?

The product is best for those who are die-hard gaming fans. It has the best sound quality that no other headset provides. They look trendy and are also durable. The dimensions are 7.887 x3.94 x7.87 inches, whereas the weight is 1.5 pounds. There’s also a nice USB headset stand in here. There are two regular plug outlets and 3 USB outlets for charging the headset.

Final verdict

This Headset by LucidSound is everything you’ve dreamed of in a Gaming Headset. Construction quality Grade A high end, Mic is Good, but I primarily use my Other Mic on a stand, etc. Very Comfortable and stylish looking, yes they’re big but look at every other over-ear headphone.


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