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About Necklet: Does this magnetic clasp keep necklace untangled?

The Necklet was created to keep layered necklaces just that–layered, not all intertwined and tangled. A necklet often has a feature pendant in the center, fastened to the necklace chain. We refer to this piece of jewelry as a ‘necklet’ to indicate that the chain comes attached.

The Necklet consists of a magnetic fastener that snaps together. One side of the Necklet has three spring-ring clasps, and the other has three jump rings. The clasps are lead and nickel-free and plated in 18K yellow, white, or rose gold. It is sweat and water-resistant, meaning you can work out and shower wearing the Necklet fearlessly.

Is Necklet easy to use?

The necklet was made for those people who love to layer their necklaces. The clasps on the necklet are thick. Layering necklaces has become an art, but they are tough to manage for the whole day. Something always gets tangled, setting you on edge. The brand aims to make the whole process easier.

They have clasps for one to three necklaces, which is all you really need. You can sleep with it and don’t need to worry about the strong magnets coming apart.

How to style a Necklet?

The triple layering clasp can style 3-6 necklaces and 4 lbs of weight. We suggest 2” apart for each necklace to achieve an evenly spaced stack, like 14”, 16”, and 18” necklaces. The trick is to keep the exact distance between the necklaces for even spacing. If you are styling a fixed pendant and it becomes off-center, use an extender to recenter the pendant. If your Necklet is pulling your necklaces back, try adding more weight to counterbalance the weight of the Necklet.

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Necklet Triple Necklace Layering Clasp, Gold

The Necklet is a gold And White Layering Magnetic Hypoallergenic Nickel Free Necklace Clasp Accessory. It is customized with  18K yellow gold ion-plated stainless steel smooth bar accents and designed with love in Texas. This layering clasp is nothing short of magic. It creates endless layering combinations, and you can see how they hang effortlessly perfectly. You can attach any necklace to the layering clasp and hook it on behind your neck. The layering clasp opens by pulling the tubes apart and closes by sliding them back together. One side has loops to attach to your necklaces’ clasps. The other side has little clasps to attach to the ring end of your necklaces. You can mix and match any necklaces and change them as often as you like, as nothing is permanent.

Why do people like it?

The best thing about the Necklet is that it is easy to take on and off. It does not fumble around at the back of the neck to secure a standard necklace clasp. The magnets that hold the two sides of the Necklet together pull apart and snap together without much effort. As an added safety measure, there are two small prongs on one side that line up with a groove on the opposite piece to ensure that your Necklet fastens securely. However, it is possible to think you’ve fastened your Necklet without lining up the pieces.

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Necklet Triple Necklace Layering Clasp

The important features of the Necklet Triple Necklace Layering Clasp are as follows.

  • Eliminates Tangles

Layering necklaces is effortless with a Necklet. Stay untangled with the discreet, stylish solution to tangled necklaces. Trendy stacks stay firmly attached to the clasp, allowing you to layer 3-6 necklaces easily. Layering shouldn’t be complex, and with the help of Necklet, you will live a tangle-free life! The double clasp is better for you if you wear daintier necklaces.

  • Water Resistant and High-Quality Materials

You can wear the Necklet anywhere. Dive in the pool, sweat at the gym, and sleep soundly, knowing your Necklet is water, sweat, and tarnish-resistant. Lightweight and safe, the Necklet is a magnetic layering clasp consisting of lead-free and nickel-free materials. Plated in 18k Gold, this sleek layering clasp is safe for sensitive skin and built to last.

  • Exceptional Customer Service

The Necklet team offers premium customer service should you have any questions. Designed for long-lasting use, all Necklet purchases come with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. Don’t hesitate to contact us on Amazon with any questions or issues with your Necklet Layering Clasp.

Materials used in the Necklet

  • All-Natural Semi-Precious Stone
  • 18k Ion-Plated Stainless Steel
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Nickel Free


  • Tubes: gold-plated, silver-plated, rose gold plated
  • Little clasps: 14k gold filled, Sterling silver, 14k rose gold filled
  • The 2-clasp spacer measures 15.9mm (5/8″) long.
  • The 3-clasp spacer measures 20.6mm (7/8″) long.
  • The 4-clasp spacer measures 25mm (1″) long.


  • You can maintain your jewelry’s integrity by avoiding contact with hair products, lotions, makeup, perfumes, soaps, and cleaning products.
  • Always remove your jewelry before washing your hands, applying any kind of personal body products, cleaning, working out, swimming, or sleeping.
  • To keep your designs looking their best, avoid storing them in direct sunlight and humid environments. The companies always recommend storing your designs in a clean, dry area.


  • So many women who enjoy layering necklaces would love them.
  • The Necklet is easy to take off and put back on, so if you can remember to remove it before bed, it might work for you.
  • If you have the time and interest to mix and match your accessories, you’ll likely benefit from adding a Necklet to your jewelry box.


  • It is not suitable for someone who wants to wear it 24/7, which is the pinnacle of mom accessorizing.
  • The Necklet clasp is heavy as compared to other necklaces.
  • The large rings and clasps also create issues sometimes.


The Necklet layering clasp keeps your layers lying perfectly and untangled anywhere and anytime, including in the water and even while sleeping. They are tarnish resistant, strong, secure, and discreet. The Necklet also provides ease in taking your layered jewelry on and off. Layered jewels shouldn’t be complicated; make your life easy and stay untangled with the Necklet.


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