Nectar Mattress Review

Nectar sleep mattresses have been so popular that they have become one of the country’s most demanding online mattress and bedding product brands. The flagship of these Nectar Mattresses is the most in-demand bed. This foam features three individual layers that include a memory foam comfort layer. It conforms closely and evenly throughout the body.

Types of Nectar Mattress

The company offers three mattresses:

  1. The original Nectar mattress
  2. The Nectar Premier
  3.  The Nectar Premier Copper mattress.

The one thing you can expect from these Nectar mattresses is memory foam. If a new foam is at the top of your wish list, our full-length Nectar mattress review will help you decide whether it’s worth buying.

Making the name itself

The Nectar bed has made a name for itself in the online marketplace and is becoming a well-known bedding brand. You can even find Nectar mattresses in local brick-and-mortar mattress retailers.

True memory mattress

The Nectar mattress bed is a proper memory foam. It can easily cling around your curves, and before long, it can also make a little you-shaped cocoon. It gives you a feeling of being cozy. So if you like that feeling, it does make it a little harder to switch positions.

The foam is far from bouncy that will have to allow a few seconds for your body to get nestled into a new place. People who love to have memory foam will be okay with this feeling, as it’s something that will help you to keep in mind if you are unfamiliar with the material.

Nectar Mattress Pain Relief Performance

If you are struggling with pain, it is essential to find a mattress that offers a blend of pressure that helps to relieve and support you. Pressure relief refers to having a good mattress where all tension at sensitive pressure points is found at your body’s hips, shoulders, and lower back. These also measure a bed’s pressure relief to determine how well it will relieve pain in these areas.

Nectar Mattress Performance for Couples

The best mattresses for couples have a feature of sound motion isolation that is responsive enough for some cooling abilities and have strong edge support. Below we have described why each of the factors is important, and we will also let you know how the Nectar stacks up.

Motion Transfer

A mattress motion transfer is how much movement travels from one side to the other side of the bed. Whereas, with a mattress with low motion transfer, you should hardly feel any action from another side of the bed on your side. This is the most important for couples or those who sleep with their pets. They also want their mattress to absorb their bedmate’s movements.

Edge Support

Edge supports refers to how well a mattress can hold up on the sides. A bed with good edge support can feel large as it can take advantage of the mattress’s entire surface area. It also adds to a mattress’s durability, as good edge support prevents sagging.


When two bodies create more heat than one, couples searching for a new mattress often want something that has some cooling properties. The Nectar impaired sleeps more relaxed than a traditional memory foam mattress, but, like most memory foam beds, it’s not one of the best cooling mattresses on the market.

Material Used in the Nectar Mattress

The Nectar comes in a compressed box that takes some time to decompress. This is a memory foam bed that has a 12-inch profile. It’s made with CertiPUR-US® Certified foam, which means it’s free of harmful chemicals, heavy metals, and ozone depleters.


The Nectar’s mattress cover is made from a quilted polyester, also known as a nylon blend. It features heat-wicking technology along with a soft, breathable feel. It also has a removable cover, which helps in making washing super easy.

Comfort Layer

The mattress’s top layer contains two inches of gel memory foam. The foam is more excellent than other traditional memory foam. It still has a very contouring feel that you experience deep compression support through this layer.

Transition Layer

Next up is a 4-inch layer of dynamically adjusting foam. This foam adds a bounce that helps to prevent the sleeper from sinking through the memory foam to the firm base layer.

Base Layer

Lastly, the base support layer comprises six inches of high-density foam. The coating provides the mattress with some excellent support and keeps you from sinking too far into the mattress.


  • The nectar mattress includes a medium-firm profile that is perfect for back and stomach sleepers.
  • It is also suitable for those having back pain.
  • The mattress gives you a great and classic foam feeling.
  • It is perfect for people who are less than 230 pounds.


  • It is costly.
  • You prefer to sleep on your side.


Nectar Sleep offers you a lifetime warranty for the mattress. This warranty is not prorated. During the first ten years, the Nectar mattress will be easily replaced by any defective mattress at no extra cost to the owner. After ten years, the company will either return or repair and re-cover any mattress for a charge of $100 that covers round-trip transportation expenses.


Before we finish up this review, we would like to recap Nectar. Remember one thing every mattress works differently for every sleeper. The best part of nectar mattresses is that they are helpful in pain relief.


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