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OTF Guide to Orangetheory Fitness Shoes

As a result of these amazing OTF shoes, you will be able to run faster, jump higher and work out harder than ever before. But with so many different types of Orange Theory shoes available in the market today, how do you choose the right type for your needs?

This is where the shoes for orangetheory fitness come into play. They’ll cushion your stride and reduce the risk of injury, especially from jarring steps.


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What is the Orange Theory?

The orange theory is a type of cross-training that improves your fitness, helps you to lose weight, and provides a fun and healthy new way to stay active. Orange Theory is a one-hour full-body workout focusing mainly on strength and endurance. It uses heart rate-based interval training to burn more calories post-workout than traditional exercise. The benefit of the workout is that it is for all fitness levels, so it is suitable for all those who are starting the exercise for the first time or the regular ones.

Shoes For OrangeTheory Fitness

If you’re doing Orangetheory, you may not use the same pair of shoes you run in. This form of fitness is all about high-intensity interval training. Because most of us don’t run that way, the shoes for OTF are not running shoes but rather cross-trainers.

You’ll need the right shoes to handle all the rowing, running, and strength training. The shoes for Orangetheory fitness are either lightweight cross trainers with medium cushioning, supportive running shoes for the treadmill, or flexible, thin-soled shoes for lifting and rowing portions.


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Nike has been a very famous brand in terms of shoe technology in the past decade. Many of their latest shoes have been entirely athlete-informed. It means that while manufacturing their shoes, they have considered real-life, real-person data and feedback. Metcon 6 is one of the best cross-trainers by NIKE. These shoes are perfect for Orangetheory for a variety of reasons:

First of all, these are incredibly breathable pairs of shoes. A glance at these shoes reveals that they have larger-than-average pores, allowing increased airflow. It enables your feet to remain cool and ventilated no matter how intense the type of exercise you’re doing.

As well as the ventilation power is concerned, the Metcon 6 offers excellent stability. The sole is flat and wide, keeping your feet steady and stable whether you’re moving fast or doing something you need extra sturdiness. Other features of these shoes include a textured synthetic print on the outside of the upper, a thick heel clip, and a rigid rubber outsole that supports the midfoot.

You can easily see the extra rubber on the outside of the shoe. It offers extra security to your feet on side-to-side movements that you don’t find in regular running shoes. Moreover, the sticky rubber of the outsole helps you grip and reduces the chance of injury due to slipping, especially while doing fast-moving exercises.


  • Flat, wide heel
  • Removable 8mm Hyperlift insert
  • High-traction outsole
  • Flywire for a better feel


  •  The Hyperlift insert may move underfoot


Brooks Women’s Trace 2 Neutral Running Shoes

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These are light sneakers that are ideal for orange theory. They are breathable and lightweight, built along with adaptive cushioning. They will give you extra comfort to your feet and will keep your feet protected. Brooks Trace 2 sneakers feature a breathable textile and synthetic upper, a cushioned textile lining and removable textile insole, and a durable synthetic outsole.

Moreover, these shoes are easy to pull on and off and showcase a traditional and easy lace-up closure, ensuring a secure fit for whole-day wear. These running shoes feature a non-slip outsole with tread patterns for additional traction and stability and a padded tongue and collar for extra cushioning and all-day comfort. These comfy running shoes are available in different women’s sizes with 4 neutral color options that go great with any look and are ideal for your everyday workout.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • High arch support
  • Breathable textile
  • Traditional lace-up closure


  • Only available for ladies


Fila Men’s Memory At Peake Composite Toe Work Shoes

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These shoes are of synthetic leather, enabling you to meet your occupational needs. They contain a specialized Coolmax fiber that keeps things cool, comfortable, and dry. The memory foam sock liner and midsole connect with the heel with cushioning for additional comfort in every step. They have Perforated mesh for breathability and a lace-up front closure for a relaxed fit. These shoes fulfill the work requirements in every industry.

From healthcare to the restaurant, to construction and industrial – when the work day gets long, Fila is there with a shoe that defies expectations to deliver another level of performance and quality design. In addition to this, these shoes are designed with a composite toe for added protection that’s ideal for those who pass through metal detectors daily. This shoe has excellent insulation for extreme temperatures as they are made of non-metal material.


  • Manufactured from leather, synthetic material
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Rubber sole


  • Not waterproof and not suitable for cold weather.


Adidas Crazy F Light

If your shoes aren’t comfortable on your feet, whether you’re doing an Orangetheory class or walking from the bedroom to the kitchen, you will not be able to perform well. These are the most comfortable shoes for orange theory. Most of these shoes have to do with the midsole.

The midsole of these shoes is made from flexible Bounce foam, which offers excellent shock absorption and energy return for whatever exercise you’re doing at the time. A wide forefoot of the shoes adds to the shoe’s stability, and a molded heel counter keeps your foot where it should be.

Lastly, an asymmetrical grippy rubber outsole with a special anti-slip heel keeps you confident on your feet on any surface.


  • S-shaped heel counter
  • Flexible Bounce Boost midsole
  • TPU-reinforced midfoot
  • EVA stability frame


  • The white shoes may begin to discolor


PUMA Tazon 6 Sneakers

best shoes for orange theory

These PUMA cross trainers are comfortable, supportive, and great for lateral movement in Orangetheory. They have an outer rubber sole for grip and traction, a snug fit in the middle of your foot, and a cushioned heel to absorb shock.

The heel-to-toe drop is not specified in these shoes, but they are reported as outstanding for strenuous workouts and weight lifting. These trainers have a breathable sock liner, but the outside is made of synthetic leather, which is durable but may not be as breathable as some other options.


  • Over 4,000 reviews and an overall 4.4-star rating
  • Under $50
  • Synthetic leather midfoot saddle gives a snug fit


  • Made from faux leather, not very breathable
  • Only one color is available


On Women’s Cloud X Sneakers


By wearing the Swiss-designed On Cloud X Sneakers, you can feel like you’re walking on a cloud. The most important thing that contributes to the lightweight design is a Helion super foam injected sole and a mesh upper and sides, making them really breathable.

There are molded cushion pads in the heel to keep you grounded. They’re designed for moving in all directions, and with a 6-millimeter heel-to-toe drop, you might want to wear them through your whole Orangetheory class.


  • Each shoe weighs under 8 ounces
  • Breathable mesh upper and sides
  • Sole injected with lightweight foam


  • Expensive


Orangetheory is a cross-training workout that involves time spent on treadmills, rowers, and the floor. You need shoes that deliver a cushioned ride for running, a slim silhouette for rowing, and a stable design for lifting. Several factors, including the price, type of shoes, durability, support, and cushioning, must be considered before buying these shoes.

When shopping for shoes for cross-training, you should look carefully at the soles. They should be wide, thick, and durable. They should also offer you versatility. By wearing regular shoes for running, you will sacrifice stability. Orangetheory comprises a wide variety of different cardio workouts, so cross-trainers are considered perfect for this theory.


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