Sunny Health & Fitness Smart Magnetic Rowing Machine Review

Chabrias, an Athenian admiral of the four century BC, introduced the first rowing machine to supplement military training devices.” to train inexperienced oarsmen, Chabrias built wooden rowing frames onshore where beginners could learn technique and timing before they went on board ship.”

This machine helps everyone regarding their fitness. Anyone who wants a healthy lifestyle and the best workout can try this. For 20+ years, Sunny Health and Fitness have been widely recognized as a premiere brand of high-quality fitness products.

Salient Features

This machine has the latest and best features that enhance its style. Some of the features are as follows:


1. Digital Monitoring

If you want to display time, calories, count, scan, and total count, LCD helps you show everything. Like, scan mode is convenient to say your progress, allowing you to assist in your fitness goals.

2. Extra Long Slide Rail

Forty-four inches in inseam length and 48 inches in slide rail length, and the SF-RW5515 can help you to accommodate rowers of nearly any size.

3. Adjustable Magnetic Resistance

With the help of adjustable magnetic resistance, you can increase or decrease the eight levels of magnetic resistance. Throughout your fitness journey, your workout can remain to be challenging and effective throughout the journey of fitness.

4. Transportation Wheels

For easy portability, transportation wheels are built- already. They are tilted and rolled out for use or away for storage. You do need to lift heavy stuff or muscle strain.

5. Non-slip Foot Pedals

During the most demanding and vigorous workouts, non-slip foot pedals ensure safe footing. You will not feel unbalanced because your feet will be saddled with the help of Foot straps. This is also the best way to balance yourself. It makes you feel comfortable throughout your workouts.

6. Fitness Instructor

As you need a proper instructor for your fitness routine tasks, exercises, and so on, this machine has the best features of an instructor. It helps you throughout your workouts by displaying everything on the screen. This makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. No one has to guide you, because this machine has the best ability to perform its duty as a guide.

7. Foldable Design

This machine is healthily and perfectly designed and can be folded too. If you are done with your workouts and want to keep the device aside, then no need to drag it anywhere. You can fold the steel rail upright. It is perfect for storage in tight areas.

8. Anti-Slip Handlebars

For your comfort and support, there are Slip Resistant handlebars, with a soft padded foam grip, which help you to maintain your performance throughout your workouts.

9. Floor stabilizers

You can turn it to level if you want to prevent the rocking, tipping, and swaying on uneven surfaces for hardwood floors and carpets.

10. Product Dimensions

This machine is 89 “D x 18.9 “W x 23.6 “H. The packaged weight is 31.75 kilograms and 250 pounds. The machine is also available in grey color. This type of machine is also known as a classical type.


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Are Magnetic Rowing machines suitable for workouts?

These machines give you a full-body workout without any impact. Both the air and magnetic rowers have the same health rowing machines benefit. These kinds of devices help you to build endurance and strengthen your body. Recent research on these rowing machines explains that they also help you with your heart problems compared to other devices.

What muscles do the sunny rowing machines work?

These machines are beneficial for your arms, back, hamstrings and quads. It is advantageous if you work from home or a desk since the rowing motions improve your posture muscles.


  • Best  water, air, magnetic and hydraulic
  • Well built
  • Functions smoothly
  • No noise
  • Simple machine
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to assemble


  • Slipping off back
  •  Leaving rub marks
  • LCD is useless


Daily workouts keep you healthy. You try many machines for your workouts, but this machine is perfect for daily activities. It has a reasonable price, and you can afford it. The best features make you happy, relaxed, and comfortable. Moreover, you do not need to have to go to gyms. they are perfectly designed for your comfort.


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