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What Shoes Does Mick Jagger Wear? Rolling Stones Star Shoe Collection

Discover what shoes Mick Jagger wears on stage, how his shoes are designed, and why he is so fond of them.

Mick Jagger has led a wild life, from his early days on stage to being an elder statesman of rock. While Mick Jagger is not an active musician anymore. He continues to inspire others as well as live life as it comes.

Many ask about Mick Jagger’s shoes and what he wears on stage. The legendary rocker is known to rock a variety of footwear during his performances. 

His shoes have become more popular than ever before, with the Rolling Stones lead singer wearing them almost exclusively on stage. Jagger’s shoe collection took a lot of design cues from the American sneaker culture, but what makes it distinct? Here’s everything we know about Mick Jagger shoes.

Shoes That Mick Jagger Wore On Stage

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Mick Jagger’s performances on stage have always been the stuff of legend. But how did the Rolling Stones frontman choose his kicks? Here’s a look at some of his most memorable kicks, plus details on their history, size, and specifications:

1). Repetto Zizi Oxford Loafers

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Mick Jagger’s footwear of choice is the Repetto Zizi Oxford Loafer. They’re a classic pair of shoes that have been worn many times by the Rolling Stones frontman.

The Repetto Zizi Oxfords are made from goatskin leather, white so they can be worn anywhere at any time, cowhide leather insoles for comfort, leather-wrapped heels, and leather soles for excellent traction in all situations.

Mick Jagger Shoes
Mick Jagger wore a pair of white Repetto Zizi Oxford shoes to perform onstage. The singer dressed casually in green pants and upper, and a yellow vest lined with red.

Mick Jagger has been a Zizi wearer for over 50 years, and for a reason. His then-partner, Jane Birkin, once talking to the press told that the god of rock and roll love treating his feet with Zizi, whom she termed “gloves for his feet”.

mick jagger repetto
Another photo of the English singer performing on stage in his Repetto Zizi.

She went on to explain that he needed something tough enough not to tear, but flexible enough for shaping. And this is where he found inspiration: “The goat-skin upper is soft, malleable and socklike in feel—but it’s also more structured than a regular sock.”

Not only did Mick Jagger wear his favorite platform shoes with pride. But most photographs of him wearing them shows them rigorously used—the surest sign of a good quality shoe.

2). Leather Nike Air Essentials 3

Mick Jagger Nike Shoes

The Nike Air Essentials 3 is one of the most popular shoes worn by Mick Jagger and his bandmates when they perform on stage. And it’s easy to see why. They’re black, they’re high-top, and they have a ton of grip.

They’re also seen on stage more than a few times. In a magazine interview, he said that he’s had his Nike sneakers custom-made with soles that are specifically ground down so that they can be better at gripping the stage.

Leather Nike Air Essentials 3
Mick Jagger wearing customized Nike Air Essentials 3s with the soles ground down so he can grip the stage better.

And not only do they provide more traction onstage, but when Mick is performing on stage, he has them doctored in so that they don’t make any noise as he moves around.

So the Nike Air Essentials 3 have remained some seriously great shoes for the Rolling Stones star so that he could move around easily and with ease onstage.

Mick Jagger 2

3). Reebok Classic Freestyle Hi Patent gif maker 26

In 2013, the Rolling Stones played at Glastonbury for the first time. The band had always been interested in playing at the festival. But they were concerned it would be too much of a circus. They were right to be wary: the crowd was overwhelming, with more than two million people tuning in to watch the performance.

The band wowed festival-goers and a TV audience of more than 2.6 million—and then some more.

After the stellar performance, Mick Jagger donated his size 10 worn shoes to the Small Steps Project, a charity that helps children in poverty.

Mick Jagger Stage Shoes
Mick Jagger donated his shoes to Small Steps Project. The shoes were a size 10 Reebok Classic Freestyle Hi Patent.

The shoes that lit up were none other than the Reebok Classic Freestyle. They featured a shiny patent leather upper that seemed durable enough to take on any adventure, and a midsole made from EVA to provide comfort and cushioning.

Mick Jagger Shoes
Mick Jagger’s signed shoes.

The mid-cut shape was there to provide extra ankle support for improved stability on the stage. The double straps secured the shoes fit as Mick danced, helping to ensure that they stay in place and don’t slip off his feet.

4). Saint Laurent Cuban Heeled Chelsea Boots

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Mick Jagger is a man who had no problem rocking out on stage. And his Saint Laurent Cuban Heeled Chelsea Boots were perfect for doing just that.

They’re not only one of the singer’s ultimate favorites. Their stacked heels also helped him get a little height, which is always helpful when you’re dancing. And they gave him the style and comfort he needed to rock out in front of thousands of people.

rolling stones 1964 Shoes
The Rolling Stones photographed in 1964. Mick can be seen wearing Saint Laurent’s Heeled Chelsea Boots.

These boots come in smooth black leather with stitching details on the sides. They also have elastic panels for a snug fit that won’t slip off your feet as you’re jumping around during a show. They don’t hurt your feet at all when you walk around or dance in them—but they make your legs look long and lean! We think that’s just the kind of look Mick Jagger is going for when he’s rocking out on stage—and we’re totally down with that.

5). Capezio Jazz Shoes

Capezio Jazz Shoes

Mick Jagger’s Capezios weren’t just his favorite shoes—they were also one of his most iconic looks. He wore them in his famous 1975 tour, where he asked his fellow stage helpers to sprinkle 7-up (soda) on the stage because that cool surface was a bit slippery and he needed more traction for his Capezios.

IMG 0003
A closeup look of Sir Michael Philip Jagger’s Capezios.

The shoes had a unique design—they were made with a white suede/leather upper, which looked great against his white shirt and black suit. They had a bit of shine too, which gave them a neat sparkle when he walked across the stage.

He also wore matching socks with his shoes—black argyle socks with an abstract pattern of squares and lines running over them in various colors. They looked great with his outfit and added a bit of color to his look.

Sneakers That Mick Jagger Wears In Casual

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Nowadays Mick Jagger is the most influential person in the world, or at least he thinks. This has made him try to be as cool as possible and looks for various ways to feel this way. He does it by wearing shoes that are comfortable for a man his age and are still stylish. Here I will show you some of Mick’s favorite shoes that he wears in casual ways every day.

6). Converse Chuck 70 Classic High Top

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Mick’s sneaks are made by Converse and have a vintage star ankle patch—an homage to Mick’s love of vintage Americana.

These versatile canvas sneakers are high-top, but they have the vintage look of ankle boots. Mick Jagger usually wears them at night out with friends, or even just hanging out on his own—the wings on the tongue and ankle give them a pretty cool look.

The Archive-inspired, glossy egret midsole adds to their sporty vibe while the Ortholite insole cushioning keeps them comfortable throughout the day.

7). Adidas Yeezy Boost 380

Adidas Yeezy Boost

In recent years, Mick has been wearing Adidas Yeezy Boosts in casual settings—and we’re here to tell you why!

The partnership between Kanye West and Adidas has been a huge success, with both parties benefiting from each other’s creativity. The Boost cushioning provides support for athletes and casual wear alike; the sock-like construction makes them comfortable for all kinds of activities. And their translucent monofilament window woven into the upper lets in the air for a sweat-free stroll.

In one of his old interviews,” he says, “Shoes are all about comfort.” And that’s exactly what these shoes are all about. They’re comfortable, they’re sleek, and they’re also great for walking around in.

8). Moonstar Gym Classic Vulcanized Rubber Canvas Sneakers

gymclassic style

If you’re looking for the shoes that Mick Jagger wears in casual, we have just the thing. The Moonstar Gym Classic Canvas Vulcanized Shoes are the shoes that he wore at a recent outing in New York City.

These shoes are vulcanized, meaning they’ve been heat-treated to make them durable and last longer. They’re also focused on comfort and craftsmanship, which is what makes them so great for casual wear.

The upper is made from natural canvas, so you’ll get a natural feel without the risk of getting blisters from other kinds of materials. The shoes have a light, refined look that’s easy to pair with anything—from jeans to shorts to pants. Plus, they’re ruggedly built and easy to slip on or off while still looking stylish at the same time.

9). New Balance Suede Blue Series

Mick Jagger New Balance Shoes
79-year-old Mick (standing left) in his New Balance blue suede shoes.

Mick Jagger’s casual style is often characterized by his casual wear and sneakers. You’ll see him wearing a variety of sneakers, including Nike Air Force 1s and Vans, among others. He also has been spotted wearing New Balance Suede Blue Series shoes on multiple occasions. This shoe line was designed with comfort in mind. They’re lightweight and perfect for walking around town or just hanging around at home.

Mick Jagger looks great in these sneakers—especially with his signature mop of hair—and they are beneficial to him because they keep his feet happy while he gets his groove on.

10). Onitsuka Tiger Vickka NM

Onitsuka Tiger Vickka NM

Onitsuka Tiger Vickka NM are one of the most iconic models in Mick Jagger’s collection. They first appeared in 1970, and have been an essential part of his shoe line ever since.

The shoes come in a smooth goat nubuck style, with a V-shaped cut-out in the front to give you more support and flexibility. They’re super comfortable, and they’re perfect for casual wear. You can wear them all day at work or out on the town.

Mick Jagger wears his Onitsuka Tiger Vickka NM when he wants to look casual, but still, looks like he cares about what he’s wearing.


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What shoes did Mick Jagger wear at his wedding?

Mick Jagger is no stranger to making a statement, but on his wedding day in 1971, he outdid himself.

Jagger wore sneakers with his Tommy Nutter suit, and it was a match made in heaven. The suit was made of silk and provided the perfect backdrop for the sneakers, which were made of leather and bright red. The red shoes were a clear nod to Jagger’s love of performance art—he was known for painting his face red and performing as a member of The Rolling Stones.

Did Mick Jagger wear heeled shoes to look tall on stage?

It’s always been said that Mick Jagger is a short man, but his actual height is 1.78 meters (5’8″). That’s not too short. He’s just built like a short guy, and he likes to wear shoes with wedges and heels to make himself appear taller.

On several occasions, the British actor and musician has been noted for maintaining sentimental relationships with models much taller than himself—and he’s even acknowledged that shoes give him a sense of height.

“If a woman can gain extra inches by wearing high heels, why not me?” The leader of the Rolling Stones said multiple times.

How does Mick Jagger choose his shoes?

When he performed on stage, the Rolling Stones frontman would wear custom shoes with heels that don’t slip. At some instances, he would ask his helpers to pour carbonated drinks on the stage to prevent slipping and get better traction.

Talking to a media outlet, the American singer was once quoted as saying:

On a big stage, you have to watch out for the different materials—wood and metal as well as stairs—and it can get slippery. So when it comes to shoes, I always look for ones that will give me the support I need so I won’t twist my ankle.


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We’re going to go out on a limb here and say that Mick Jagger’s shoe game is unparalleled. He’s been styling himself in some of the most iconic footwear in history for years, and it’s no surprise that he has such a good sense of what works for him.

From Repetto Zizi Oxfords to Nike Air Essentials shoes, he knows what will look good on his body and make him feel like a million bucks onstage. And when he goes to concerts, he knows that Capezio Jazz Shoes are going to keep him comfortable throughout the show.

Apart from onstage, Mick Jagger’s casual style is as iconic as it is timeless. From his Converse Chuck 70 Classic High Top to his New Balance Suede Blue sneakers, he never fails to stun in a classic pair of sneakers. Plus, some trendy picks, like Adidas Yeezy Boost 380 running shoes; some classics with a twist, like Rubber Canvas Sneakers; and one pair that is sure to turn heads—Onitsuka Tiger Vickka NM running shoes.


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